Weirdest Phobias That You Probably Don’t Know About

There are a lot of things that we tend to fear. Some have a fear of height, while others have a fear of clowns. These fears or phobias may come into being because of some trauma or personal experience, i.e. classical conditioning. It can also emerge from the observation of another person’s experience or reaction, i.e. vicarious fear acquisition. Fear can also develop in the mind according to what is told or described as a fearsome thing, situation, or creature, i.e. informational/instructional fear acquisition. Some phobias, unlike the other deep and dark ones, are really absurd, and may even seem funny to others.

There are several other Experiences, whether personal or of others, as well as lessons, instill any fears in the minds of people in a lifetime, but, no one is really born with deep-rooted phobias. So, it is a good idea to not scare small children unnecessarily, just in order to tame them. It can leave effects so deep that the child will grow up to go any length to avoid what they fear most, even if it is something really silly, as a result of which, they can be joked about by others.

Panphobia Or Panophobia

This is a non-specific fear for some unknown evil. It is vague and persistent, but it is not registered in medical references as a type of phobia. Théodule-Armand Ribot, who coined the term, defined it as a state in which the person fears nothing in particular, and hence, his fear floats from one object to another, based on circumstances. In other words, it is a fear for everything. One can only imagine how the patient feels, being anxious all the time.

Somniphobia Or Hypnophobia

Most people daydream about sleeping. Sleep is essential for the body. But, those who suffer from Somniphobia are scared of sleeping. Their irrational and excessive fear may be a fear of losing control or losing time. Recurring nightmares may also lead to this kind of anxiety. Another major cause of this phobia is seeing someone else with sleep terror. Whatever be the trigger, it can cause severe mental and physical effects, with severe side effects and withdrawal symptoms of the drugs.

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