Unexpected Reasons You’re Always Thirsty


Do you feel parched for the entire day? If so, you need to check the following reasons below why you might be grabbing a glass of water.

Diet Might Have Too Much Salt

Salt absorbs the water from the cells which then forces the body to conserve as much fluid as possible. This is the reason individuals urinate a lot less when they consume too much salt. The cells that are now water-deprived transmit a chemical signal to the brain requesting additional water. The body then begins to feel extremely thirsty. Reduce the intake of salt and ensure that adequate amounts of water are being consumed.

Took A Morning Run

Individuals will require more fluids during days that they sweat the most. When individuals exercise, they lose fluids via their sweat, plus if the fluids are not replaced, they could end up with extreme thirst. There is no one size fits all formula for how much an individual should drink, however, the experts encourage individuals to listen to their bodies.

Been In The Sun For Too Long

Whenever it is summertime, the majority of us spend more time outdoors. Whether it might be at the beach, at the park, or in the backyard. Although it might not involve running around, individuals could still suffer from dehydration, in particular, if the sun is hot. In the event that you are going to find yourself outdoors for the majority of the day. Ensure that you have a water bottle close to your side.

May Be Diabetic

Several individuals confuse diabetes for dehydration. When an individual is dehydrated the body tries to conserve fluids as much as possible. When the individual is suffering from diabetes, the sugar is trickling over forcing the individual to urinate more frequently. The majority of individuals display three main signs: blurred vision, excessive urination, and excessive thirst. In the event that the individual is experiencing each of these, consult your primary health care provider regarding your concerns. In this case, we are focusing on diabetes mellitus, however excessive thirst could also be a symptom of diabetes insipidus also.

Suffers From Xerostomia

Xerostomia is commonly referred to as dry mouth. Three are several uncommon conditions that could result in dry mouth. When the saliva glands located in the mouth are not making adequate quantities of salvia. The individual might have a sensation that they need to consume additional water in order to eliminate the sensation. In the event that the dry mouth sensation continues to linger, consult your primary health care provider for additional information.

Might Be Anemic

Our bodies depend on healthy blood cells in order to transport blood throughout the entire body. Anemia that is mild normally would not result in excessive thirst. However, a severe condition could lead to the individual feeling very thirsty as well as sweaty and dizzy.

Medication That Dries You Out

There are numerous medications that impact the mouth and could result in the individual having a dry mouth. For example, specific antidepressants, antihistamines, and diuretics used for high blood pressure, all indicate dry mouth as a possible side effect. In this situation, speak to your primary health care provider in the event that the excessive thirst is a bother.

Miscounted The Number Of Glasses Of Water

The main cause of thirst is not consuming enough fluids throughout the day. A good rule to follow is to consume one glass of water with every meal, plus two more in between those meals. It might even help to set alarms to go off every two hours. This will act as a reminder to down what remains in the water bottle or consume a glass of water.