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Top 5 Bikes and Gear to Start the Year

Spring is the time when flowers blossom and cyclists take their dusty cycling gear out of their closets and think of starting their cycling season again. And what more would you want to know at the start of your cycling year than the top bikes and gear for the year? Here we have a post with our best pick in each of the 5 bike categories. Let’s get started.

Best Road Bike

Only a few decades ago, road bikes were all about two-wheel and a few pedals. But things have changed and so did road bikes. Today you can find out a variety of road bikes with endless features but the best one is SAVADECK Carbon Road bike. With a price of slightly over $1,000, you get a bike that is lightweight and super-durable and gives an excellent ride on the roads.

Best Jersey

Want to ride your new bike in a new jersey? Go for the super-patriotic Men’s Short Sleeve Texas Flag Cycling Jersey or ScudoPro Texas Short Sleeve Cycling Jersey for women.

Best Mountain Bike

Mountain bikes are the most preferred of all categories of bikes because they can handle everything! From the rough, mountainous terrain to any other rough surface. And the best pick in the mountain bike category is Stumpjumper Comp Carbon 27.5. This amazing mountain bike gives total control and excellent performance under $5,000.

Best Shorts

Don’t want to feel the bumps as you ride? Try Santic Men’s Loose-fit Mountain bike shorts for men or the Eco-friendly Women Padded Shorts for a smooth comfortable ride.

Best Hybrid Bike

If you are new to cycling or are someone who wants to explore a variety of terrains, then you need a hybrid bike and the top pick for the year is the Triban RC Flat Bar Disc Road Bike. At an affordable rate, you get a bike with flat handlebars for better grip and excellent comfort. Don’t let its lightweight deceive you. It will be your companion for years to come.

Best Helmet

Who doesn’t want a lightweight helmet for their ride on the bike? For the year 2020, we recommend Schwinn Lightweight Thrasher Bike Helmet. Available in a variety of colors and providing a full coverage padding for a comfortable fit on any type of ride.

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