Top 15 Uses For Duct Tape


Duct tape is, without a doubt, the most helpful thing that you must have in your home. It is known for its flexibility, resistance, anti-tearing properties and can easily stick to anything! Duct tape has been commonly used to fix things for decades now. It is a cloth-backed, strong waterproof tape typically covered with polyethylene and has excellent adhesive properties. A lot of theories go behind the origin of duct tape.

According to some people, the duct tape was manufactured during World War II because the US army needed some durable, flexible, and waterproof tape to repair the fields. A part of the company, Johnson and Johnson, created the tape for this purpose. It was commonly known as the duck tape because its waterproof characteristic resonated with a duck’s back. It has also been used in the Austro-Hungarian war.

Another version states that it was manufactured because of the heating industry. It was the time when central heating was introduced. The process had aluminum ducts installed in the homes. The tape was used to seal the joints of these ducts to prevent leaking and conserve heat. It had an excellent adhesive property and was moist and robust to take the weight of these ducts.

Duct tape has been a great invention and can be easily bought from a nearby hardware store. Let us figure out the top 15 uses of this miraculous invention:

Correct A Hemline

If you urgently need to hem your pants and you don’t have a thread and a needle, the duct tape is all that you will need! First, you need to fold the hem of the pants inward and put duct tape around the edge of the fold. Later you can remove the tape and sew the hem. 

Repair A Car With Duct Tape

Duct tape can repair a lot of car problems. For example, if you have a cracked windshield, then duct tape will come to the rescue. It will prevent it from worsening further. You can use it to fix a detached taillight or to hold a broken rear-view mirror. It can also keep the trunk lid in place till you reach the mechanic. 

Make An Ant Trap

You can easily use duct tape to pack all the small gaps and holes in the walls, water pipes, or near the door hinges. Then, you can trap the ants or other small insects by laying a piece of this tape, keeping the sticky part up in between the floor gaps. Hanging the tape strips can also help in trapping all the flying pests.

Fix Up A Leak

You may face a common problem of a small hole in your canoe, boat, or kayak. Just use duct tape as it will create a watertight patch till you repair the same. Apply it underneath the hole so that water does not enter through the hole, and you can carry the repairs smoothly. The tape can also be used for patching holes in camping tents, canvas covers, or umbrellas.

Remove Lint And Hair

You may wrap the duct tape to make a lint roller. With its sticky side outside, it will attract all the dirt, pet hair, and dust from your curtains, fabrics, and carpets. You can wrap the duct tape on your hand to remove the dust and hair from the material of your overcoats. 

Appliance Cords

You may use a layer of duct tape to wrap the long cords of appliances. It will help you organize the ropes and help you segregate the cables. You may use a different color for different devices. Fold the tape into half and leave the ends to wind it around the appliance cords. Then press the two ends together for a neat finish. 

Hole In A Screen

If there is a small hole in your window screen, the duct tape can temporarily fix the same until you replace the same.  You can easily stick the tape and press it to patch the hole.

Remove Adhesives From Glass

The duct tape can successfully remove the sticky residue of adhesives left on any glass surface. Put duct tape on the sticky glue and peel it off. You may have to repeat the process a few times, but the bond will surely come off the glass surface. Later wipe the surface with a window cleaner.

Use In First Aid

The duct tape can act as a bandage if you have a deep cut. It will stick the skin together and reduce the blood loss till you reach the doctor. It can also act as a splint if you have broken a bone and immobilized the fractured area.

Use As A Rope

A long piece can be twisted into a string to be used temporarily. It is a strong alternative and can pull particular objects or act as a sling bag to carry light items. 

Stick The Plastic

Any cracks in the plastic cans, garbage bins, or storage cans can be fixed using duct tape. Items like hoses, planters, buckets, lights, or any container with a crack can be repaired using duct tape.

DIY Crafts

You can also use duct tape in so many craft projects. It comes in different color options and can decorate the textbook covers, flashlight for the bicycle, dollhouse furniture, flower arrangements, or even Halloween costumes.

Blister Care

 You may cover your blister with cotton gauze and apply duct tape to cover the cotton. It will keep the cotton unmoved and heal the blister faster.

Add Insulation To Your Boots

Your winter boots can remain warmer if you tape the insoles using duct tape. Keep the silver side upwards. Its shiny side reflects the heat of the feet again in your boots.

Repair Shoes

If the sole of your shoe falls apart, then duct tape can come to the rescue. Put duct tape to join the sole and walk till you find a cobbler.


Duct tape is a miraculous invention. Not only these but duct tape can also be used for many other purposes. It is a must-have in your home and will help you in difficult situations.