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Top 10 US Made Hiking Boots


In order to get the best hiking experience, it is recommended to have top-notch hiking boots. These hiking boots are comfortable and give you amazing performance, and luckily they are not like the older hiking boots that are heavy and would dull your hiking experience. These days there are lighter models of hiking shoes available in the market. They are waterproof, light, durable, and are very comfortable for all climates. The shoes in this article are categorized into mid-weight, fastpacking, and lightweight. 

Salomon X Ultra 3 Mid GTX ($165)

Category: Lightweight

These shoes are light, fast, flexible, waterproof, and have a reasonable price, but these have a thinner underfoot and are a little less stable. These are made like trail running shoes. The lightweight shoes have added ankle support. These are some of the best hiking shoes for this year. It gives a fantastic grip to the ground, decreasing your chances of losing grip on a dangerous hike. 

Salomon shoes provide a very comfortable combination with excellent toe protection. It is also reasonably priced for a shoe that goes through so much abuse on the trial tracks. We recommend these shoes to all lightweight backpackers and fast-moving day hikers.

With all the best things that this shoe has, it also has a few drawbacks. The most common flaw is that it lacks protection for underfoot. Though it is lightweight, it’s underfoot is thinner. It is very flexible, so it doesn’t fit nicely with the ankle protection. So if you are going on a terrain that is technical and you have a cumbersome backpack, in that case, these boots might not be the right choice. 

It helps you cover long distances with comfort due to the lightness of the shoe. It is also made in wide sizes, which is rare. There is also a low top shoe for hiking available in the same brand. 

Merrell Moab 2 Mid WP ($135)

Category: Lightweight

 These shoes are also waterproof and offer a great fit, reasonable price, and superb comfort, but these are not as supportive for heavy loads or harsh trails. These shoes are perfect for the hikers that prefer stable trails and for day hikers and lightweight backpackers. 

They provide good cushioning underfoot and have a waterproof membrane, and are also accompanied by Vibram’s outsoles. 

These have been modified with a notable change that provides a higher arch with a new insole. It is even more waterproof and has comfortable heel cushioning, and has a durable upper suede. It also has a few drawbacks, like it is not suitable for heavy loads or going on rocky or rough trails. These also lack support for the feet as compared to other expensive models of the same category.  

These aren’t very durable and will not last long, so you cannot rely on these boots for long. It isn’t made out of premium materials, so you will have to replace them sooner than later. At the price that it offers, it sure does provide excellent comfort, durability, and support. It is perfect for less intense hikes.

Salomon Quest 4D 3 GTX ($230)

Category: Midweight

 These boots are waterproof, supportive, and tough yet comfortable, but they are pretty bulky and cumbersome for your all-day hiking. If you need boots that are tough for serious day hiking and backpacking, these shoes are what you exactly need. It has a fantastic gripping outsole. 

It is useful in all weather conditions, whether it be rain or snow. It also has a very flexible underfoot that gives excellent comfort. It has a consistent fit that provides top-notch performance, durable construction, and an aggressive stance; it is one of the things that has made these boots an all-time favorite hiking shoes for many years. 

 However, it is not lightweight, so it is more cumbersome than the previous models of hiking shoes. It fits perfectly with the midweight category and is very suitable for treks that involve steep descents and climbs or off-trail hiking with a heavy backpack. They are a little stiff and a bit uncomfortable for people who need extra comfort and protection or people who want to move quickly without wasting time. For those, the above models are more suitable.

 Asolo Falcon GV ($203)

Category: Somewhere between light and midweight

 These boots are waterproof, well built, great for a challenging hike, and extremely comfortable, but they are expensive and not as supportive as some of the other heavier boots in the market. These weigh around three pounds and have the same look that they had for over ten years. 

These are a modern and sleeker version of Falcon GV. They are lightweight, support rougher hikes, and can have the best foot support, basically, all that we need for traditional hiking boots.

They, too, have a few drawbacks, and this one is the stability. It has moderate strength. It isn’t your primary high cut boot with a loss of support and stability. So if you are looking for that, you might not want to buy this. These are good for heavy backpack hiking and rough trails. They are even suitable for steep climbs and all sorts of terrains. 

You can lace them tightly and go from fields to glaciers with maximum comfort. If you do not need ultimate stability these boots are a perfect match.

Lowa Renegade GTX Mid ($231)

Category: Midweight

 These boots are waterproof, comfortable, lightweight, and provide excellent support for backpackers, but these boots do not have the most challenging construction. These feel and even look like real traditional hiking shoes, but they are much lower than those. These feel more sturdy, stable, and planted, and even provide better isolation from the ground. 

It adds up a little of the fun factor and has an excellent performance fit, but you would want a little more underfoot protection from these boots. It keeps the weight down of the shoes by the stabilization of an external frame made of polyurethane. It makes it a fantastic backpacking boot while weighing less than three pounds. 

The upper leather of these boots is thin, which saves break-in time and reduces ounces. These are not very durable compared to other hiking shoes. The regular buyers of these shoes said they need to buy new pairs every year, but they keep coming back to these shoes, which means these boots are pretty lovely. These have excellent support and balance and are made in width sizes as well as narrow sizes.

La Sportiva Pyramid GTX ($189)

Category: Lightweight

La Sportiva Pyramid shoes are breathable, comfortable, and very easy to break-in. This brand is a leader in hiking shoes and even has presented a great example in the field of boots for hiking movement in the past few years.  

These shoes are lightweight and very capable in terms of hiking rough trails. They provide room for your feet to breathe and are also waterproof with generous support. The Pyramid boots are designed to let the midsole and footbed release air all while being sturdy and rigid. These shoes run in narrow sizes, but they are not made in wide sizes, one of the drawbacks. 

Scarpa Zodiac Plus GTX ($269)

Category: Midweight

 These hiking boots are reasonably light but very stiff for rough terrain while backpacking. They are overkill for moderate or maintained trails, but when you hike in places that have harsh terrain, these boots are perfect. They are waterproof and will provide the best comfort and experience in your hiking adventure. 

They provide stability and toughness while hiking rough terrain. They are perfect if you are looking for a boot that is lightweight and good for climbing mountains, which is a combination everyone prefers. If you are hiking with heavy backpacks for a cruel and harsh ten days, you would want a pair of perfect boots to support you through all of that. These shoes are perfect for you in these conditions. 

These boots have the best quality raw materials and provide reliable protection in steep climbs and rugged topography. You can climb the mountains with confidence knowing these boots will get you where you need to go.   


Hiking shoes are a requirement and necessity for most adventure-loving people. And these hiking shoes like the Salewa Mountain Trainer and Zodiac Plus are some of the best. When looking for the perfect hiking shoes, you must consider the stability and sturdiness of the boots, and also consider how heavy the shoes are. You might want to go with lightweight shoes for most backpacking hikes. 

The grip and the durability of the hiking shoes must also be kept in mind while buying the perfect pair of boots. The boots must also be waterproof according to the weather conditions that you are considering for hiking. The shoes mentioned above provide adequate support and a comfortable experience for your day hiking.