Tips To Save Yourself If You Run Into A Wild Animal


The way to handle wild animals could be tricky. There is no right way to deal with all the possible situations as it relates to defending yourself from wild animals, as they all respond differently to various behaviors. The reaction that works best is understanding how to react to unneeded encounters with animals that could be dangerous and knowing various techniques. Here are some scientific skills that could save the lives of persons in the event that they run into a wild animal while out creating an adventure.

How To Protect Yourself From A Deer

The majority of the time deer would rather run away than come into contact with people. However, a doe, which is a female deer, could become extremely hostile if she believes that her offspring are being threatened, plus a buck, a male deer, could be very dangerous when it is rutting season. Try to remain calm and quietly and slowly back away. In the event, it begins to attack, place an object between the deer and yourself and run away as fast as possible or climb up a tree. Put your hands in the air with anything you have on, such as a jacket in order to seem bigger than you are. In order to appear more frightening, swing the jacket around. In the event that the deer actually attacks, place your head into your lap, like in the fetal position in order to protect your head and your neck.

How To Protect Yourself From A Bear

Talking loudly and making a lot of noise would cause bears that are in close proximity to possibly leave the area. However, in the event that you suddenly crossed paths with one and is taken by surprise, here are some things that should be followed: Make yourself appear to be larger by slowly stretching your arms out, place something in your hands like a jacket or a backpack over your head, and slowly back away. Try not to panic and scream, neither should you climb a tree or run away. Bears are very fast runners and they have the capacity to take down a tree with little effort.

How To Protect Yourself From A Wolf

Wolves are known to travel in packs. Therefore if you come into contact with one, the others are possibly nearby out of sight in the bushes, waiting to attack. Therefore, if you are at a noticeable distance away, slowly walk in the opposite direction. However, if the confrontation is unavoidable, here are some things to do: walk backward slowly and do not take your eye off of the wolf. In the event that the wolf does not retreat, begin screaming at the top of your lungs. Throw any and everything that you can find at the animal and back away. Pay close attention and watch your step, because if you fall to the ground, the wolf will view this as a favorable opportunity to attack. In this case, fight back very aggressively. Display to the wolf that you are also very dangerous and fighting with you is not a good idea.

How To Protect Yourself From A Bison

The good thing is that bison would not attack unless you pass extremely close to them. This is the reason that you should always keep your distance. Do not underestimate them and allow how they appear to fool you, although these animals are large and heavy, they are very nimble and could run three times faster than people. Display to the animal that you are not threatened by walking away slowly. Take cover, by seeking out large rocks, trees, and any big object. Stay out of sight behind that object and continue to move away carefully. Climb a tree if possible, this way, the charging bison would not be able to see you as threatening any longer and will possibly vacate the area.

How To Protect Yourself From A Mountain Lion

Mountain lions are notorious for attacking from behind, therefore never ever turn your back to them or try to outrun them. Rather, you should stand your ground and try with all your might to appear ferocious. Look tall, keep your eye on the animal at all times; also open your clothing in order to appear larger. If required, throw things and talk in a stern voice towards them. In the event that the mountain lion attacks do not remain still, fight back. Try to punch them on the mouth, nose or even the eyes if possible; doing this would most likely cause the animal to leave you alone.

How To Protect Yourself From A Wild Boar

These are very aggressive animals. Therefore if you come across one of them do not stop to take a photo of it, plus you should run away immediately. In the event that the distance is too close, do not try to run away, but try the following instead: remain calm and gradually move away. In the event that the boar is heading in your direction, get up a tress. Wild boars are unable to climb; therefore they will possibly leave you alone at this point. In case the boar charges at you and it is too late to hide, then you have no option but to fight it. The fight will probably last for roughly one minute, so continue fighting until it gives up and leaves you alone.