Tips For Returning To Work Post-Pandemic


Research conducted by Future Forum by Slack and Harvard Business School on work and the pandemic. Huge sections of the population are unwilling to return to the work office on a full-time basis. A survey documented that twenty-nine percent of individuals were willing to quit if their employers prohibited them to work from home. Plus sixty-two percent stated preference would be given to companies that provided remote work opportunities. This sentiment is also shared among vaccinated individuals. Citing a survey from the American Psychological Association forty-eight percent of vaccinated individuals were uncomfortable returning to face to face.

Part of the issue is that there is still a lot of uncertainty as it relates to the future. It is not helpful that changes to the safety guidelines are changing so frequently. In order to feel more comfortable about returning to the office, here is what individuals should know about remaining safe.

Continue Wearing Your Mask

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in May 2021, declared that masks are not required if individuals are fully vaccinated. The World Health Organization in June 2021 pressed individuals to continue wearing their masks because of the new variants, regardless of being fully vaccinated. This is a serious contradiction and is very confusing. In several areas, wearing masks is on an honor system; as individuals are supposed to wear their masks once they are not vaccinated. Such a protocol could lead to ill will and mistrust amongst work colleagues.

It is unfortunate, but the honor system is only effective if all involved are honorable. If an employee has suspicions of another employee regarding their vaccination status, there is still the option of wearing their mask. Everyone is not comfortable not wearing a mask, this is fine. It might take individuals sometime before their feel safe enough without a mask, even after being vaccinated. In order to be safe, individuals might want to have a mask or two handles, plus always adhere to the office and local mandates.

Keep Washing Your Hands

Surface transmission is negligible. However, individuals could still transmit the coronavirus by touching a surface that is contaminated, then touching their eyes, nose, or mouth. The fix for this issue is simple. Although, it is a minor means of transfer, wash your hands often. In particular, if the individual comes into contact with things which has been touched by others. Additionally, washing hands will safeguard individuals from other viruses and bacteria, keeping the individual healthier holistically.

Sanitize Your Work Stations

Individuals should wipe down their desks, especially if it makes them feel more at ease. In particular, if it is the second shift or the work area is shared. In the event that they are others that operate in the office space prior to you. Clean your station, due to the fact that it might consist of aerosol transmission. Disinfectants or alcohol wipes should eliminate any traces of the coronavirus remaining on surfaces.

Get Fresh Air

Air circulation is enhanced by fresh air, reducing the chances of becoming infected. If individuals have the capacity to open a door or window in the office, take full advantage of this opportunity. A nice breeze could assist in preventing air from becoming stagnant and recycled. It could also supply ventilation and decrease the chance of transmitting the virus.

Stay Clear Of Crowds

With the constant emergence of variants, sanitizing is still considered a great idea. Physical distancing, plus staying clear of huge gatherings is something individuals may want to do. Especially, if individuals have family members that are unvaccinated or young children at home. It is still unclear if vaccinated individuals could transmit the new variant to unvaccinated individuals.

Individuals can restrict their risk by adhering to the same precautions they were following from the initial onset. Crowds are an excellent environment for super-spreading due to the fact that crowds might have unvaccinated individuals. It could also have those that are vaccinated and also those that might be carrying the virus without knowing. As vaccines are still not 100 percent effective, choose to stay clear of large crowds, or wear masks in tight or crowded places.

Know The Plan

Several companies are requesting employees to become vaccinated prior to returning to the office. As a matter of fact, it has been confirmed by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission that it is legal for employers to make such a requirement. To which the employee must adhere to, once there is no medical exemption.

If the company requires that employees become vaccinated, returning to the office will be much safer. Individuals could also enquire about other safety procedures that the employer will be implementing, such as: capping large meetings. Also, investing in ventilation systems, like air-ionization and spacing workstations six feet apart. Enquiring these safety procedures could instill more comfort with returning to the office. It could also inform your decision-making as to the procedures you wish to maintain on your own.