Things That Happen To Your Body When You Sleep Outdoors


Everyone can recall the times when they were very small and sleep was detested, while in today’s world everyone loves it and for some reason cannot get enough of it. However, because of things such as adulthood and stress, not everyone can get an adequate amount of sleep. The helpful news is that this could be rectified. A study conducted by the University of Colorado found that individuals who spent all night in a tent slept for ten hours on average and went to bed up to two hours earlier when compared to if they were at home. Here are six reasons why individuals should attempt sleeping outdoors.

Exposure To Natural Light

As documented by the study conducted at the University of Colorado, being exposed to direct natural light will allow the body’s internal clock to be reset and re-tuned. In the event that individuals would like their sleepless nights to come to an end, they should think about sleeping outdoors away from all forms of technology.

Melatonin Levels Change

The study also proposed that the artificial light which comes from computers or mobile phones could cut the levels of melatonin, which then impacts the quality of sleep. This is the reason why individuals should attempt sleeping outdoors as many times as possible.

Levels Of Immunity Increases

Research completed in Japan revealed that spending roughly two hours in the woods or forest each day provides a lot of benefits. Advantages such as higher levels of white blood cells, lower pulse rates, low concentration of cortisol, and lower blood pressure. It is described by the Japanese as forest bathing, which means that when individuals spend time in the woods the chemical from the trees also protects the individual. What is more, is that even just a single night of outdoor sleeping could enhance the immune system’s activity for a week at a minimum.

Bodily & Brain Functions Improve

The brain utilizes a huge amount of oxygen for it to function the way it is supposed to, and the muscles also use a lot of oxygen as well. It is not a secret that the better-quality oxygen individual inhales, the better it is for the individual. Therefore, sleeping on the outside is not just simply relaxing and a technology-free experience, it is also a very good environment for both the brain and the body.

Stress Levels Decrease

This is obviously a huge benefit. With the way individuals live their lives, there is a good probability that most of them are extremely stressed out. A study revealed that simply looking at a photo of a tree could cause a reduction in the levels of stress and staring at an actual tree could be even more advantageous to the mental health of the individual.

What is more, is that the sounds of the outdoors also provide a calming effect and have relaxing properties as well. Therefore, in the event that individuals do not mind the sporadic sound of an animal, they are definitely going to find sleeping outdoors one of the most revitalizing and relaxing things they have ever done.

No Stale Or Polluted Air To Breathe In

As documented by many studies, when individuals work in an office environment or spend numerous hours in a space that has air conditioning and less than adequate ventilation, then the levels of carbon dioxide are more than likely very high, this then clouds the brain of the individual, causes them to be more unproductive and triggers breathing issues and headaches. In the event that individuals may be struggling with project deadlines at work, then they could take a nap on the outside in order to rid themselves of the stale air in the brain.