These Cities Will Pay You To Move There


Are you an individual that might be in the market for a change in scenery? Well, did you know that there are several cities across the United States that would pay persons actual cash to relocate there? Several local and state official are seeking to take advantage of the latest trends based on the remote work by providing paid encouragement to anyone that would be willing to move to their state. Individuals that are remote workers have a tendency to be well-paid experts within their own field, such as speech pathologists or software developers. States, for instance, Maine and Vermont consider remote workers to be a great opportunity to boost their declining population of professionals.

Plus, the financial incentives that are being provided are nothing to joke about. Tulsa, Oklahoma is providing an incentive of $10,000 to relocate along with a $1,000 stipend for housing. Maine is in the mix as well, by providing as much as $10,000 for any expenses incurred for relocating. As many of the larger cities continue to be more and more expensive, those cities such as Tulsa seized the opportunity to charm workers from heading towards the coast and moving into the Midwest.

Here are the details for the cities across America where relocation incentives are being offered.


If the individual seeking to relocate was a United States college or university graduate between the years 2016 to the present, then Maine is offering opportunities to move. The state of Maine is providing a tax credit which could result in huge savings towards the person’s student loans, all depending on the year of graduation and the specific degree.

Relocating To Maine

Maine is a great option for individuals seeking a new location due to the awe-inspiring locations such as the Acadia National Park and the booming restaurant scene.


In a push to lure residents that are younger into the state of Vermont, they have provided financial incentives which concentrate on remote workers. $10,000 is being offered in relocation expenses via The Remote Workers Grant. Vermont is eagerly waiting on individuals that have remote working abilities and are seeking a change in their scenery.

Relocating To Vermont

For any individual that is seeking to get away from the urban lifestyle, the natural setting of Vermont should be very appealing. This state has also cultivated a culture of farmer’s markets, craft beer, and artisanal cheese. However, do not let the charming countryside fool you, this state features concert halls and has a booming nightlife of clubs.


Would the government of Alaska actually pay you to live there? The answer is yes! They would offer individuals $1,600 to do just that. The short side of the story is that Alaska requires people, to the point that they are willing to provide several tax incentives and grants in order to make persons Alaskans. A great example is the Permanent Fund Dividend, where residents that stay in the state for the duration of a dividend year, will be given $1,600.

Relocating To Alaska

Here are some other bonuses for relocating to Alaska. When compared to other states such as California for example, which has relatively high state taxes, the state of Alaska has no such tax. It is also a hub for seafood that is a world-renowned, splendid view of the northern lights and practically any outdoor activity.

Newton, Iowa

When it comes to relocating for the long haul to the city of Newton, located in Iowa, the city officials take it to another level. The city provides a cash incentive of up to $10,000 awarded to new homebuyers, plus they add another $3,000 or more as a welcome package. This enticement also extends to new home construction, allowing any individual that is seeking to bury their heartstring the perfect opportunity to construct their dream home. On average the price of a new house in Newton is approximately $105,000, giving this city some appeal over many coastal cities.

Relocating To Newton, Iowa

With a wide variety of children-friendly activities, the peaceful community offers an excellent location where families can grow. For those persons that are looking to flee the hustle and bustle of city life, the botanical garden is an attraction that would be appealing, in addition, there are also museums and the Iowa Speedway.

Tulsa, Oklahoma

Similar to the state of Vermont with remote workers incentives, Tulsa is seeking to bring in new and possibly younger life into the city and by extension the state. The offer is a lovely $10,000 for relocating with a $1,000 stipend on housing. The payment is distributed over the course of one year, plus there are other requirements in order to be eligible.

Relocating To Tulsa, Oklahoma

A good reason to relocate to Tulsa would be the relatively low cost of living as stated by many of the residents. Housing is considered low-priced. The oil-rich state of Oklahoma makes certain of a robust yet stable economy, resulting in the cost of dining out and shopping quite low.

North Platte, Nebraska

As North Platte is concentrating on the development of the economy, and that more residents tend to mean a sturdy economy, they have started an incentive where they would match the signing bonus for new hires up to $5000. This additional income could go a really long way in a city that has an extraordinarily low cost of living.

Relocating To North Platte, Nebraska

Diversity and affordability are some of the advantages that this mid-sized city has to offer.

Chattanooga, Tennessee

If you are into computer programming, then this city is in search of you, as it is seeking to enhance the tech population. There is currently a citywide gigabyte network which the city is quite proud of in order to support the thriving technology sector. The only hiccup is that they need more tech professionals, so they came up with the Geek Move program, which provides computer developers $10,000 in forgivable mortgage and $1,250 in relocation expenses.

Relocating To Chattanooga, Tennessee

It has been reported that the luster of large city life is being lost on the younger generation. Livability scores and affordable housing are some of the new attractions. The city of Chattanooga is currently listed among the top twenty cities for young homebuyers.