The Right Way to Keep Your Outdoor Furniture Clean and Fresh


Many homeowners prefer having an outdoor sitting space where they can unwind at the end of a tiring day or enjoy nature at their leisure. Outdoor sitting spaces are the heart of friendly gatherings, entertainment, family dinners, and of course, romantic evenings with your partner. However, the upkeep of outdoor furniture isn’t easy. Any piece of furniture that you have outdoors is exposed to weather elements continuously. If you don’t work on its regular upkeep, your furniture will start looking old and worn out in no time.

If you want to keep your outdoor furniture in its best shape and are looking for the right ways to keep it looking clean and fresh, you’ve landed yourself in the right place. We’ll be talking about numerous tips and tricks that will help you keep your outdoor furniture looking best for longer.

1. Clean Your Outdoor Furniture Regularly


The best way to keep your outdoor furniture looking clean and fresh is to clean it regularly. Different materials are cleaned differently. Furniture made from wicker and teak should be cleaned using a brush with soft bristles, water, and oil-based soap every two to three weeks. Wrought iron and plastic furniture should be cleaned using a mixture of mild dishwashing detergent and water. Make sure to wipe it off with a damp cloth. Aluminum furniture should be cleaned with a damp cloth and mild dishwashing detergent, followed by soft scrubbing to remove any stains. Cushions should be dusted and vacuumed regularly.

Letting dirt and dust to settle on your furniture will only make it look older and worn out way before time.


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