The Best Cycling and Outdoor Apps for the Adventurous Souls

If you’re an adventure-loving soul who loves spending time outdoors, you might be in search of new adventures to undertake all the time.  Your soul might crave for new places and new journeys. Finding new places and heading out to adventures wasn’t as easy in the past as it is today. Navigating around with the help of maps and guidebooks was surely something we can’t imagine ourselves doing today. Thanks to technological developments and advancements, going on adventures has been made a lot easier.

There are numerous cycling and outdoor apps for adventurers out there that make it easier for you to find new places and find your way around them. If you’re planning an adventurous cycling trip in the near future and are looking for route ideas, our list of the best cycling and outdoor apps for the adventurer souls might help you greatly.


The first on our list is Komoot. It secures the top spot for all the right reasons. Komoot is an app that helps riders, hikers, runners to plan their routes. It is available for both users of iOS and Android devices. Komoot offers the best routes for each sport. So, whether you’re a cyclist, runner, or a hiker, you’ll find routes suitable for your preferred sport. It is a detailed app that pin-points accurate locations with their elevation profiles, hence reducing your chances of getting lost in a new place.


It won’t be wrong to say that Fatmap is for mountains what Google Maps is for the land routes. It covers the major ski areas of the world. National parks and other visitor areas are constantly being added to this already-wonderful app. It allows the users to share their location with their friends and family, so they know everything about your whereabouts. The route maps are displayed as clear and sharp lines and allow recording routes.


Guidify, as you can tell by the name, is the ultimate guide for mountain bikers, cyclists, skiers, and surfers. It helps them find the best trails and routes, along with the best restaurants, bars, and events to suit their sporty taste. Guidify allows its users to share their location in real-time with their family and friends while they’re out on their adventure trips. What’s more to Guidify is that it enables any user to contribute to the app like an expert and coach or guide fellow adventurers. In short, whether you’re looking for route guidance or general coaching, Guidify will guide you right.


A bike excursion to the mountains or an early morning jog, Strava is the ultimate app that you should have in your Smartphone. Strava is an excellent fitness tracker for runners and cyclists. It records the distance traveled, running speed, and the route is taken. If you’re into outdoor activities, you may want to keep track of your performance, and Strava lets you do just that!

Like we said in the beginning, outdoor activities and adventures are easier today in terms of route tracking and navigation. With the help of some great apps, you can head out to an adventure all alone!