The Best 7 Bike Trails You’re Missing Right Here in the US

One of the most scenic ways to savor the outdoors is on a bicycle. Whether you’re looking for an intense cardio workout or a leisurely day of riding, going for a bike ride is time well spent. Did you know you don’t need to travel too far to enjoy the best bike trails? We’ve got some great ones right here in the U.S.

1. Flume Trail—Lake Tahoe, NV

Lake Tahoe, NV

This 14-mile intermediate level trail offers some fantastic forested vistas overlooking Lake Tahoe. You need to make your way up 1,000 feet at the beginning of the ride, but getting to that view provides excellent motivation. Following your ride, you can relax and cool off by swimming in the lake. There are also many nice places for a picnic.

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