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States With The Most Active People


Jobs today have become very mundane, and many people spend their time in front of desks looking at screens. At a time like this, it is imperative to promote fitness and encourage people to get into shape. Many believe there are fewer problems and expenditures if you are fit. Many states are trying to encourage people to be more fit and adopt an active lifestyle.

#10- Idaho 

Idaho is doing quite well as a state. There are not many overweight people here; however, obesity is on the rise. But it is still managing well for now. To solve these issues, the leaders of Idaho have signed a ten policy action. There are about 6.06 gyms for every hundred thousand residents. 

#9- Wisconsin 

The good thing about Wisconsin is that they have about 431 gyms. However, a lot of people there love having fast food, and cheese is a particular favorite. All the fast food and drinks lead to about 32% of the population being obese. Many people in this state enjoy hunting, which is a way to stay fit if you prefer the outdoors and do not like to be in a closed gym. 

#8- Montana

Montana does not have a lot of gyms, only 59, to be precise. There are great mountains here, and many people love to come here to see the mountains, and it attracts many hikers, hunters, fishers, etc. The people of Montana are very fit, and that is because a lot of people work in physical jobs like mining oil, coal, etc. 

#7- Hawaii

You will only find 81 gyms in Hawaii, but when you live here, it is better to stay outdoors on a beach or to walk around a little because Hawaii is best when you explore it. A lot of people are still obese here, and this is because of poor eating choices. If people are more aware of what they eat in Hawaii, it can be a state with many healthy people. 

#6- Massachusetts 

This state has 412 gyms, but many people who live here do many outdoor activities like biking, running, walking, skiing. The people here eat pretty well too. This is also the third least obese state. 

#5- Minnesota

This state has a lot of people who are obese even though there are gyms everywhere. If the people living here were to take advantage of the gym facilities, many people would be fit. Most of the people here are not fit because they do not have their diet in check. Most of the foods that they consume are high in fats and sugar. 

#4- Rhode Island

The number of people that are obese in Rhode Island seems to increase continuously. Some initiatives are put into place to tackle this problem. The “get fit Rhode Island” wellness initiative is beneficial as they provide you with advice, support, and some delicious but healthy recipes. 

#3- New Hampshire

New Hampshire is number four in the USA for providing the best healthcare. There are many mountains in New Hampshire, and many tend to stay fit by hiking to mountain summits. 

#2- Connecticut

Connecticut has very few people who are obese when you compare it to some other states. Even though this state is tiny, there are 272 fitness centers. However, this stat has other problems as the air here supposedly has the highest pollution levels, and there are quite a few people who fall sick because of the air. 

#1- Colorado

This is the fittest state in the whole country, and there are many adventure sports if that is what you wish to do. Colorado has been the most fit state for over a decade. There is a high rate of physical activity that is why there is less obesity. Even children have the least obesity in Colorado when compared to other states. 


It is usually up to us if we want to be fit or not. Many states try to promote being active and eventually create gyms, but it is up to you to do it. Factors like the area in which you live lead to more or less physical activity, depending on the activities you enjoy.