Social Distancing Activities That You Can Enjoy


We know that in these pandemic times, spending time and enjoying life has become hard. This article brings you some easy and fun social distancing activities that you can enjoy while staying safe. 

Visiting A State Park

One of the best outdoor activities you can enjoy while staying in social distance is visiting a state park. It’s a place where you can stay away from others and enjoy yourself to the fullest. After coming back, you should wash your hands and wear a mask while in the state park. Enjoying the wind, the trees, and fish in the pond can be exciting spots to have a great time. 

Exploring Your Neighborhood

Wherever you are staying, step out of your home and watch what is around you. There can be trees with some birds chirping, fresh flowers, and people around. Be sure to stay safe and maintain proper social distancing from others. You can be sitting on a porch, do gardening, clean your garage, or take your baby or pet on a walk. Sit on the porch and have a drink, say hello to the people in your neighborhood. If your favorite park is full of people, you may not wish to go to a crowded place during the pandemic. Solitary walks on roads can be perfect. 

Practicing Frisbee Golf

You can go to TC Jester Park and practice your Frisbee throws. You can do it over nine holes and step in the park. Whenever it is safe to play in groups, you can impress your friends by making a hard shot with the utmost ease. It will be a great physical activity you can do by staying distant from others. When you cannot go to movie theaters, it is essential to find other entertainment sources, and Frisbee or golf is the best. 

Going To Watch Birds

The Shadow Creek, located on the way to the fantastic Texas Birding Trail, is a fantastic place to go for bird watching. When you cannot watch movies in the theaters, it is good to come close to nature and watch birds. You will also find wild animals with colorful birds. Pectoral sandpipers and Sandhill cranes are also some of the famous birds in this place. The hawks, egrets, and herons are found here for the entire year.

Go Fishing 

You can go to Lake Houston for the best fishing experience. Fishing is one of the most fantastic activities you can do alone. All you need is a bucket, a fishing rod, a fishing net, and some good calm mood to sit near the lake and wait for fishes to get attracted to the bait. You can stay safe because people will not be around. Apart from fishing, you can also look around at the birds found near lakes, the trees, and their cool breeze. The falling leaves and silence are worth enjoying. We suggest you choose solitary fishing as an outdoor activity in these times of coronavirus pandemic. 

Walking Through A Labyrinth

If you search for a friendly and calm place for thoughtful introspection and spiritual contemplation, you can visit Houston. It is a place where you will find many labyrinths for prayers and meditation. The one in the Museum District (St. Paul’s United Methodist Church) and the Villa de Matel Convent in Wayside are some of the best places to go if you seek peace.

Walking through a labyrinth is a spiritual exercise of the ancient era where enlightened people believed that you walk into the inward pilgrimage and then return to the external world. It is a journey of understanding the self. There are no alternate routes or dead-ends in a labyrinth. It is not a maze but a place for meditation. 

Flying A Kite

When you are doing a video chat or sitting on your couch watching movies, you may think of doing some outdoor activity. Flying a kite is one of the best. You only need to be there with your kite, and the sky is all yours. Let your kite take a tour of the vast sky and enjoy the experience. If other people are also flying kites, you can maintain social distancing by letting them fly theirs. 

Taking A Photography Walk

If you are interested in clicking photographs of the natural beauty and places around you, a photography walk is the best. The Centers for Disease Control recommend going alone. You can spend time alone with your camera and bring some beautiful pictures back home.


In these times, you should maintain social distancing while doing the physical activities mentioned in this article. You can also play board games with your family or enjoy the fresh air of a garden.