Small Things You Are Doing To Make Your Home Dangerous


Whether or not you are paying down on a mortgage or writing checks for rent, your home is one of the most of your monthly expenses. Regrettably, for a host of people, these large bills are not the only bases for home-related anxiety. In numerous cases, there are possible threats lying in wait throughout the house, changing it into a dangerous roof over your head that could impact not only your finances but also your health. Here are some of the ways you can unintentionally be making, that can turn your home into a dangerous living arrangement.

Not Cleaning Your Lint Trap And Dryer Vents Frequently

Seeing a little fuzz on your lint trap might not seem like a really big deal, however, leaving that fuzz there can result in some very grave issues. As well as permitting moisture buildup, which can result in mold, this buildup of the lint or any other debris that could be blocking the vent could cause harmful gasses to form such as carbon monoxide or allow bacteria growth. As a matter of fact, the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) has stated that there are 2,900 dryer causing fires annually that result in about five deaths and over $35 million in damage to property.

Putting Appliances Too Close To One Another

Not enough counter space? Then consider putting up your appliances when they are not being utilized rather than swarming everything onto the kitchen counter. It is extremely vital to leave a bit of unused space around the appliances so that they have enough ventilation and a potentially hazardous situation is averted.

Running Extension Cords Under The Rugs

Although extension cords that are left out in the open might present a trip or fall hazard, the alternate of running them under a rug in an effort to conceal them from the viewing public is not a good idea either. Whilst under a rug the extension cord has the capacity of becoming not only a trip hazard but a potential fire hazard in your home. As documented by the Electrical Safety Foundation International, the extension cords are the culprits for an estimated 3,300 house fires annually, which result in approximately fifty deaths and roughly two hundred and seventy injuries.

Relying On Extension Cords As Permanent Solutions

Extension cords supply the ability and convenience to give power to multiple appliances all at the same time, however, in doing this you also leave yourself susceptible to a greater risk of possibly dangerous electrical problems. If you find yourself with a heavy dependence on extension cords, then this could reveal to you that you have inadequate electrical outlets that are required to adequately fulfill your needs. It would be safer to have a professional electrician, install additional outlets instead.

Replacing Two-Pronged Outlets with Three-Pronged Outlets

Installing three-pronged outlets would make plugging in the large appliances simpler and easier, however, doing this replacement from two-pronged outlets to three-pronged outlets is not a simple swap as one may have thought. This practice is actually quite dangerous. This is quite dangerous for the person who believes that the plug is now grounded. However, without a ground wire, an overloaded circuit has the potential to start an electrical fire.

Permanently Sealing Off Vents

Yes, those unused vents could make your house noisier and draftier than anyone would like to imagine, however sealing all the vents completely off could increase you becoming hurt from the home. The term covering vents means condensation issues further down the road, which can result in eventually leading to the growth of a toxic mold or rot that can cause structural concerns.

Stripping Lead Paints From Walls

Paint made from lead can be very dangerous as it presents itself with serious health danger to everyone in their own home, however, the solution to this issue is not as simple as stripping it away. The toxic particles spread very easily through the air and can pollute your own, especially when you try to scrape or sand or even chemically strip. Contact a professional to complete the testing and abatement work so that you can reduce contamination.

Remove Handrails

The trend is to open up the sightlines throughout your own home by removing the banisters from alongside the stairs in order to appear seamless, however, this is not a good idea and by doing it, it can be a dangerous proposition. Regardless of who it may be for, a staircase with a railing is absolutely beneficial. The risk increasing and can actually result in a deadly fall. A publication showed results from a 1990 to 2012 study that revealed 25 million people were treated for stair-related injuries.

Using Oven Cleaner

As oven cleaner was created to get rid of baked-on food that is in your oven, the ingredients are quite harsh and corrosive, if it gets unto your skin it can easily result in chemical burns. Even using the auto clean or self-cleaning mode on your oven can release toxic, ultra-hot chemical fumes into the house, which can lead to respiratory issues and other serious health problems.

Not Washing Your Pillows

These pillows are probably swarming with germs, as this is what you rest your head in each and every night, this could make you really sick. A study discovered that various bacteria live on pillows, which could infect your skin to your lungs. You should aim to wash your pillow at least once a week to ensure that your sleep is healthy, peaceful, and safe.