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Seven Subtle Signs Sent By Your Immune System

You want a strong immune system these days, with the coronavirus around every corner. Unfortunately, self-isolation can damage your protective layers. Here’s how to tell if your immune system is weakening, and how to get it back to full power.

1. You Have Canker Sores

“It is most likely related to stress and vitamin deficiencies,” says Dr. Dimitar Marinov. “So, it might be an indicator that your immune system needs support.” “The best way to support your immune system is to avoid deficiencies of essential vitamins and minerals that support its function,” says Dr. Marinov. “Eat a balanced diet that includes sources of vitamins C and D, and zinc,” says Dr. Leann Poston.

2. You Are Fatigued

“Fatigue can be a sign of low immunity, especially when a person is undergoing a lot of physical or psychological stress,” says Dr. Charles-Davies, founder of 25 Doctors, a health information site. “Stress is a proven immunosuppressant,” says Dr. Lili Barsky. “Stress can increase our susceptibilities to any infection.” Dr. Gerry Curatola, a wellness expert and founder of Rejuvenation Health, recommends “incorporating yoga poses for deep relaxation and to help reset your autonomic nervous system and restore your immune system as well.”

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