Outdoor Activities For Stress Relief


Everyone has moments when they feel stressed. Regardless if it is because of their jobs or due to personal life events. However, they do not have the proper method for dealing with their stress, therefore it could overwhelm them. Even though individuals could become stressed about important and trivial things in their lives, stress is really the body’s fight or flight reaction.

It emerged as a survival response in an effort to aid in the reaction to possible fatal situations. However, it has also evolved to the point that it is activated by things that are not life-threatening. This is the reason that chronic stress could take a toll on the mental and physical well-being of individuals.

In order to maintain a low level of stress, several experts suggest spending some time out in nature. They also recommend starting a hobby such as outdoor photography or hiking. As a matter of fact, spending just twenty minutes outside among nature every day could enhance the mood of individuals. It could also decrease stress and reduce the risk of developing heart disease.


One method that could actually enhance the mood of individuals and reduce stress levels is to complete workout regimens outdoors. Working out has already proven itself to increase the mood due to the release of endorphins. These hormones cause sensations of joy and reduce cortisol levels, similar to how the sound of natural functions. The result must be amplified when individuals already performing feel-good activities, perform them in a calmer setting.

In the event that individuals reside close to walking trails and mountains, they could take hikes in order to get some exercise and also enjoy the natural beauty. Several individuals enjoy outdoor running, as it has more benefits and is more exciting than running inside using a treadmill. Beach running is a bit more taxing on the body, but an excellent way to take the mind off of stressful situations.


Meditation is yet another method that has been confirmed as a stress reliever and improver of mental clarity. The majority of scientists recommend that each person attempts meditation practices for about five minutes each day in order to reduce their levels of stress. It allows them to feel happier and anxiety levels decrease. Do the meditating outside in order to enjoy the relaxing sounds provided by nature and concentrate on breathing. Employing meditation practices could teach individuals very helpful breathing techniques which could be utilized throughout each day, in particular when feeling stressed. If the individual also suffers from anxiety as well, breathing techniques could come in very useful.


Another excellent option to appreciate the smallest things that nature provides is photography. It is an excellent hobby to take up especially if looking to spend extra time outdoors. There are several different options to seize the beauty of nature via photography. Individuals might prefer to purchase specialized photography equipment in order to support the device and receive the perfect panoramic shots.

Several photographers of nature decide to go opposite and practice macro photography, which is the practice of capturing images using extreme close-ups. Individuals are able to practice this type of photography to capture plants, flowers, and insects, providing a unique outlook on a very common subject.


For individuals that have creative juices, nature appears to be able to inspire something within them. This is the reason why several artists enjoy capturing through painting in a setting of nature. If the individual loves to paint or do any type of art, they should spend time outdoors and just start creating whatever comes to mind. This is an excellent exercise for the relief of stress. It also increases creativity and enhances the mood of individuals.

Water Activities

There are several options that can be utilized to be active outside from yoga to running to water sports. Regrettably, in the majority of areas around the country, water sports are not an all-year activity; however, in warm weather, this is an excellent option to get moving and let loose. Kayaking is an excellent option to explore the natural landscape and take the mind off things. Surfing and stand-up paddleboarding are two other common water sports. These types of activities are perfect for individuals who want a little adventure.