Not To Do Tips For First Time RV Renter


Renting an RV is an excellent way to enjoy the motor home lifestyle. If the individual has not attempted traveling in an RV, the first experience will be an absolute treat. There are several resources available that will advise individuals on just what steps should be taken to rent and operate the motor home. It would also detail how to utilize all the facilities which it provides. However, there are not that many resources which detail some of the things that should not be done. Therefore, the following are a few suggestions and tips regarding things individuals should not want to do.

Rent The Largest RV Available

Many individuals believe that because the trip is special, they should go all out and get the biggest and best motor home. They have this go big or go home mentally when they would be better off in a top-of-the-line class C motor home. They are much easier to maneuver when compared to the Greyhound size class A motor homes. It resembles driving a pickup or van without compromising on comfort and space.

Driving a class C motor home means that there is a reduced risk of being tossed about the road during high winds. Plus, getting in and out of camping slots or parking lots with ease.

Save Time By Skipping Pre Trip Instructions

Anyone will hardly benefit from skipping the detailed instructions by the RV technician. In the event that the individual is a novice to RVing, this is not an issue. A knowledgeable and helpful vacation will assist in the selection and operation of the motor home. There is not much that is difficult in traveling in an RV; however, there are relevant things individuals must understand regarding hooking up to sewer and electrical lines.

Also, the operation of the control panels and so on. In the event that the individual does not pay attention or decide to skip the instructions. They might spend way too much time attempting to figure out things than they did to save by skipping on the instructions.

Load As Much As Possible Into The Rig

There is a remarkable amount of storage that is available in most motor homes. However, that does not mean that individuals should pack everything they own into it, to maximum capacity. Ensure that you travel with what are requirements, the things that are needed. However, bear in mind that everything which is not secured is subject to move as you drive along the highways. Individuals do not want their eggs to become scrambled before they have a chance to actually cook them.

Not Checking Their Surroundings

There are only a couple of things that are worse than the noise an RV makes when backing out of a camping slot. Especially with the sewer and electrical lines still hooked up. Neither is the sound of a bicycle being run over. Be sure that you are always aware of the surroundings. It is also very wise not to depend on your memory. Create a list of the must-do things prior to leaving a campsite, and then check them off one at a time as they are completed.

Create An Enemy Out Of A Campsite Neighbor

Most individuals would tell you that one of the best things about camping in a motor home is the serenity that accompanies it. Several RVers are known to be early risers. Leaving as quietly as possible is considered to be a courtesy if you are one of these early risers. Try to avoid speaking too loudly or banging trash cans or loud music. Along this vein, it is an excellent idea to introduce yourself to your neighbors and try to get to know them.

However, be considerate about their privacy. Do not lurk outside their RV nor should you invade their camping space uninvited. This is not greatly appropriated. Finally, when leaving the campsite, ensure that your area is as clean, if not cleaner than when you got there. Keep in mind that another RVer will be arriving as you depart to stay in the same space.

Ensure To Have A Full Itinerary

The main reason for renting a motor home is to enjoy the comfort and peace that accompanies it. Relish the time to stop and smell the roses. No one ever wants to feel rushed, trying desperately to make it from destination to destination. There is no need to make it across the state lines of Texas in eight hours. Individuals should leave as much time as possible in their schedule to enjoy all the attractions and the scenery available.