Most Expensive Animals On The Planet

Planet earth is full of beautiful birds, animals, and insects. Though you may be scared of some wild animals like tigers and lions, there are also some that are friendly and you can adopt like cats and dogs. Even birds like canaries and parrots are also commonly adopted. You may have spent a maximum of a few hundred dollars while adopting a pet and that is the maximum you can afford. But, there are many animals in the world that are so expensive that your jaw will drop. These animals certainly are beautiful, unique, and expensive. If you are an animal lover, and a lover of species and breeds that are distinctive, and have loads of money to spend, then you may consider adopting one of these most expensive animals.

Green Monkey – $16,000,000

Do not get misled by its name, Green monkeys belong to no family of monkey, but are, in fact, a very costly type of horse. If you can afford one like this it means you are very rich. The horse is very rare and it bears such a high price tag because of its beauty and speed. It is usually used for horse races and has managed to be a winner many times. Just that it comes with a high price tag, $16,000,000.

Missy – $1,200,000

Missy is a cow but not an ordinary one and this is why you need to pay $1,200,000 if you want to own one. It has got such a great speed that it has managed to win many championships. Miss Missy has won the title of Western Fall National Show North America’s Grand Champion. This is one of the most popular animal shows in the whole world. Since she was a champion there, so many were interested in buying her, and she got adopted for $1,200,000. Of course, she also holds the record for the most expensive cow ever to be sold. Also, with this price she’s one of the most expensive animals ever.

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