Mistakes That Shorten Your Pets Life


For many people, a pet becomes like a family member. You have to take care of it, and it always stays with you. It would be best if you took care of your pets in the right way. If you do not do that, your pet will not be healthy, and its lifespan will shorten. 

Feeding Cats Dry Food And Meat Simultaneously

If you have a cat, you will have to decide if you want to feed them natural pet food or canned food. You must consult your vet before making the switch. If you choose any canned food, then make sure that there are no artificial colors and flavoring agents, etc., because these can be harmful to your cat. Do your research and figure out what foods are recommended for cats and only feed your cat those foods. 

Avoid foods that have a lot of fat. Some of those foods are- raw or boiled meat, dairy products, and boiled sea fish. If you can get fat-free dairy products, then that is recommended for cats. Avoid sweets, salt, and alcohol as well. 

Not Taking Your Pet To The Vet Often

Once a year is an excellent time to take a pet to the vet. If you are regular with checkups, then there is a good chance that your pet will not have any diseases, and if your pet does have some disease, it can be diagnosed quickly to prevent the disease. 

When you go to the vet, you can ask what foods you should feed your pet and what your pet might like. If you notice any strange behavior, then now is a good time to tell your vet. When you go to the vet, make sure that your pet gets all the vaccines that it requires. Keep a record of what vaccines your pet needs. Please keep your pet away from other wild animals, too, so that it cannot get any diseases from them.

Not Brushing Fur And Teeth

You must check your pet’s mouth around once every year. If you find any smell, then you can do it more often. You get special toothbrushes in pet stores, and you can use these to brush the cat or dog’s teeth. If your pet’s hair is long, then you will need to brush their hair more often. Your pets can get mats and other diseases in their fur, so make sure that you clean their fur often.

Do Not Feed Your Dog From Your Table

The human and dogs digestive system is very different. They have different gastric juices as well. Foods that we eat are just not good for dogs. Some foods you can feed your dogs are raw meats, heart, kidney, unsweetened fruits, and some vegetables can be good foods for dogs.

Bathing And Dental Care

If you find that your dog is filthy, you can wash him. When you wash your dog, ensure that you clean the whole body first, and then you wash the head right at the end. If you wash the head first, your dog will start to shiver. You can buy a toothbrush and toothpaste specially made for dogs and use that to clean their teeth. 

Not Giving Your Pet Enough Attention And Love

Dogs are social animals, and they like being around people or other dogs. You need to train them well to develop their character and personality. If you do not train your pet well, they will become aggressive, scared, and disobedient. Play with your pet every day and give it lots of love. Your dog will love you back with even more love than what you give it. 


If you follow these steps, your pet should be fine. Make sure that you are taking your pet to the vet often and regularly, as this will ensure that your pet does not have any diseases. If your pet remains healthy for longer, then your pet will manage to live longer, and we all want that for our pets. Wash your pet, feed it well and most importantly, give it lots of love.