Mental Health Strategies For Everyday


Mental health has come into focus recently. Regardless of what is happening around the world, taking care of yourself should always be non-negotiable. This statement is not revolutionary. Perhaps, you have heard or read all of the following tips before. However, it never hurts to read them and get a refresher ever so often. Keeping that in mind, here are a few tips on mental health strategies to assist in getting you through your day.

Spend The First Thirty Minutes Without A Screen

For hundreds of years, individuals lived their lives without that impetuous need to assess and check their phones every minute. When placed in that context. The thought of not looking into your phone for the first thirty minutes after waking is not that daunting. However, this is the year 2021, so this task might be impossible. In the morning after reading this, when your initial instinct after waking up, or even before opening your eyes is to grab your phone. Do not do it. Consider what it may feel like to inhale deeply, allowing your mind to naturally awake and cement yourself at the moment. This might feel really good before the day begins to get away from you.

Eat A Breakfast That Is Healthy

After no screen time and your mind is clear, attempt to make yourself a nice healthy breakfast. Prior to the pandemic, this would have been a more difficult task as individuals would have been on the go. However, most of us are hardly going anywhere, and if we are it is not in a hurry. Work from home is the new norm. Individuals have time to whip up a good healthy meal. Yogurt, fruit, eggs, coffee. Try any of these.

Make A To-Do List

Layout what is required and what is needed to be done during the day in a conventional list. It could be jotted down on paper, something we will discuss later, or in one of the apps on your mobile phone. It does not necessarily matter where it is, just having it somewhere other than your brain will assist. It will make the day a more productive one, plus the individual will feel better about themselves.

Spontaneity Is Acceptable

Yes, you have a to-do list. There is every intention of completing it step by step as you go through the day. With a list, it is quite possible to accomplish more than you would without it. This is awesome. Just ensure that you do not become annoyed if the day does not follow your laid-out plan. If things pop up from out of the blue, face them and get it done. Sometimes, it is these spontaneous moments that turn out to be the ones that you enjoy the most.

Use A Paper & Pen

It is well documented that there is just something exhilarating about relaxing and putting pen to paper. There is so much evidence for this that health care providers have conducted numerous studies to confirm the medical advantages.

Become Artsy

This does not mean that the individual needs to become a professionally trained pianist or paint the second Sixteenth Chapel. No one ever needs to view the project that you will be working on. It could be as simple as painting or doodling aimlessly or writing a made-up story. Permit yourself to stimulate the imagination and see what the result is. It can be considered a stress-relief valve.

Seek Out A Good Therapist

If you did not know, then now you know, there is a great difference between therapy and good therapy. As soon as the individual locates a therapist who is just right for them, it could be a life-changing experience. There is somewhat of a played-out stigma connected to therapy. However, the truth is, no one has to qualify why they want to see a therapist.

Fresh Air

Before now, this would have been considered a no-brainer and would not need mentioning. The reason being our daily life would have taken us outside at least once during the day. However, this is not the case. Individuals might require a reminder that there is nothing as sweet as the rush as endorphins felt from taking a stroll while sitting on a park bench.

Move The Body

As you have made it outdoors to get some of the fresh air, consider getting your heart rate pumping. Just stepping outside can do wonders for mental health, however, getting a good sweat in at the same time is on a new level. Not to mention, this would be catering to physical and mental well-being.