Meanings Behind Some Favorite Flowers


Practically every individual has heard the phrase, a rose by any other name would still smell as sweet. This is true, plus the name of the flower might not really carry much symbolism. However, the meaning associated with the special blooms could carry weight when presented to anyone. Individuals almost certainly select bouquets depending on the variety of flowers the recipient prefers. Or they choose them based on how they smell and look. As an example, tulips are an impulsive purchase, especially when in a hurry. Roses are considered for special occasions as a romantic gesture. Each of these is a flower with heavy meaning.

As it turns out, a rose is not just a rose; the message it carries is very powerful to those that receive them. It could transform a regular old bouquet into a stunning expression of friendship, gratitude, or love. Plus, there are varying meanings for the variety of colors in the rose family. Whereas several flowers are associated with passion and romance, individuals might be surprised to learn that several popular varieties symbolize loss, anger, and negativity.


These are flowers that are cultivated in mud. Every night they return to the mud, and then as if being re-born mysteriously re-blooms as dawn rises. In several Eastern cultures, the Lotus flower represents enlightenment, purity, self-generation, and rebirth.


Some of the cheeriest bouquets accessible are those made with lilies; plus their symbolism is also just as bright. Bear in mind that the varieties of colors also have a variety of meanings. The yellow lilies represent gratitude, the orange variety signifies pride, and the red variety represents passion whilst the pink variety prosperity. The white variety of the lily signifies purity.


These are flowers with a ruffled appearance and are seen as the stuff of high school crushes. However, if the individual is on a budget, they can work for you. In the event that this is the variety of flowers that are selected, choose the white or pink varieties. As these represent lovely and sweet and I will never forget you respectively. However, individuals should stay clear from any of the other colors. The yellow variety signifies contempt and the two-toned variety signifies I cannot be with you. These are not exactly what individuals want to exhibit as secret admirers.


These extraordinary flowers often decorate their trees just as we welcome the spring season. They stimulate a feeling of excitement for those that lay eyes on them for the pending season. This is the reason it is only reasonable that it represents the love of nature.


When individuals hear this name, they probably imagine Black Dahlia. However, there is nothing to be concerned with. These beautifully ruffled flowers represent spectacle and dignity. Therefore they would not be out of sorts being presented at a meaningful occasion, such as congratulating on a new job or for a graduation.


The iris is a flower of regal structure and for centuries represented royalty. However, they also stand for respect and wisdom. What is more, their luxurious appearance definitely implies the same. This means that it is, without doubt, a compliment if these bouquets of irises are received.

Red Roses

This is definitely not a surprise to anyone, however, red roses are considered to be one of the most romantic flowers. They signify desire and love and are excellent for most special occasions.


Daisies represent the initial level of the Girls Scouts, therefore it is just fitting that these flowers signify innocence. Plus, this representation makes a lot of sense if individuals look at the flowers’ sunny, cheery little faces.


There is a legend that states when the explorers from Spain arrived in the Americas, they believed that the sunflowers were actually made of gold. No one can really blame them, but obviously, they were incorrect. However, this is the source of the representation of the sunflower to mean false riches.

Red Tulips

Red roses are not the only bloom that signifies romance; therefore individuals do not have to splurge each time they want to display affection. Red tulips are considered to be a declaration of affection as well. Plus they are especially beautiful during the spring.


All depending on which color of the flower is selected, salvia could have several diverse meanings. The red variety signifies forever mine, while the blue variety represents thinking of you. Therefore, if the individual is adding salvia to the bouquet, remember the significance of the colors.


If you have watched the Sound of Music movie, chances are you know the song. However, you might not know the significance of the song. Edelweiss represents devotion and courage; this could be due to the fact that they strive in ruthless conditions in the Alpines.


These flowers have an appearance as if they are bursting with enthusiasm. This could be the reason this flower stands for pride. They seem as they just accomplished a task and cannot wait to tell someone about it.