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Keep Your Dog Away From These Animals


Dogs are fantastic animals, but they can be a little too friendly. They are always sniffing around the ground and exploring new territory. This sometimes leads them into dangerous situations where they may be bitten or killed by an animal that is not as friendly as them. That’s why it is important to know what animals you should keep your dog away from! In this article, we will provide some different types of animals that can harm your beloved pet.

Mountain Lions

Mountain lions are often in forests and woodlands where they prey on deer, elk, cattle, horses, sheep, and other smaller mammals. They can easily overpower or kill your dog if it gets too close! It’s best to keep your pet indoors when you’re not out with him for his daily walks because there is a chance that he could come across this animal while roaming around the neighborhood! Mountain lions are extremely dangerous and can inflict severe injuries to your dog if they attack.


Rattlesnakes are in areas like the Great Plains and the Southern United States. They usually hide under rocks or fallen trees when they’re not hunting for food. If you see a rattlesnake, it is best to steer clear of them because their bite has potent venom that can kill an animal as big as your dog! If your dog happens to get bit by one of these animals, he will start showing signs such as muscle spasms around his neck area or drooling excessively from his mouth. You should immediately take him to the nearest vet so they can give him anti-venom before it’s too late!


Coyotes are wild animals that live in deserts and forests. They may not seem very dangerous because they don’t look as big or intimidating compared to mountain lions, but you shouldn’t underestimate how fast these creatures can move when hunting for food! These animals like to stay hidden most of the time so they can surprise their prey when it least expects it! Coyotes have sharp teeth with strong jaws, which makes them an even more significant threat if your dog happens to get near one.


Raccoons have incredibly sharp claws that can easily scratch or cut through a pet’s skin, causing significant injuries that could even lead to infections for your pup. It’s best not to approach these creatures at all since raccoons will attack anything when threatened.

Snapping Turtles

Snapping turtles are creatures that live in rivers, lakes, and ponds. They have powerful jaws with razor-sharp teeth, so they can easily defeat their prey! Your dog will not stand a chance against these animals if he tries to attack one of them because snapping turtles are known for being very aggressive when it comes to self-defense. Snapping turtles will attack first before asking questions, so you should keep your pup away from these animals as much as possible.


These small mammals carry quills on their backs instead of fur like other rodents. Although these spikes help protect them from predators, you should keep your dog away from porcupines because they also double as a defense mechanism against any threats, including pets! If cornered or approached by a curious dog, this animal will slam its back into the ground, which can cause your dog to get quills in its mouth or paws!

Eastern Brown Snake

These snakes are highly venomous, and their bite can be lethal to your dog if he gets too close! They tend to live in areas such as shrublands, woodlands, or forests, so it’s best not to let your pet roam around these places on its own. If you encounter one of them while taking him for a walk outside, the best course of action is usually just backing away slowly while ensuring that they’re going in a different direction.


Foxes are small mammals that live in many areas of North America and Europe. They can be found everywhere, from forests to cities which means there’s a good chance your dog can encounter one of them on his walks outside. Like other predators, your pet will not stand a chance against these creatures if they try to attack it because foxes are known for being very vicious and dangerous! Foxes are not usually interested in attacking dogs, but they will attack if provoked, cornered, or threatened.

Gila Monster

Gila monsters are giant lizards that like to stay in the hot sun all day. You can find these creatures living in deserts and dry areas of Northern Mexico, Southern California, Western Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Nevada, and Utah. They have powerful teeth with venom inside their mouths so that they can kill prey very quickly! The bite from a Gila monster is not poisonous, but it will cause swelling or pain for days after being bitten. It’s best if your dog stays away because he could potentially get seriously injured by this animal!

Coral Snake

The coral snake is a small, colorful snake that lives in the southern parts of North America. It’s not very harmful to humans but can be dangerous for dogs because their venom causes respiratory failure! They are also one of the most beautiful snakes you will ever see, so it would be hard not to want to get up close and personal with this animal if your dog was too curious about it.


There are many dangerous animals out there that your dog should stay away from. Some of these creatures may not be harmful to humans, but they can cause serious injuries if accidentally approached by a curious canine! Luckily, most of these predators will avoid confrontation with dogs, so you probably won’t encounter them very often during walks or playtime outside the house. Always remember that if you or your dog come across one of these animals, stay far away from them!