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Is Bathing Required Daily To Stay Clean?


For decades individuals have been asking the question, how often do persons need to bathe to be considered clean? As several individuals believe that daily washing of the body is a necessity for hygiene and cleanliness. While there are others that believe that doing this, strips the body of all the natural oils and results in dry skin.

A consultant dermatologist at the Cadogan Clinic in London, Derrick Phillips, states that washing once each day is best for social reasons. However, it might not be absolutely essential for the health of the individual. As it relates to the health effects of bathing, the bodies tend to have it mostly under control. The skin is self-cleaning and naturally exfoliates.

Scrubbing of the body assists in removing physical dirt and supports the perception of cleanliness; however, this is not a necessity. What this really means is that having a shower each day will aid in the smell and feel fresh and clean. However, scrubbing the body from head to foot each day will not result in making individuals cleaners.

There are individuals that are worried that showering could cause harm to the skin, which could result in skin microbiome disruption, infection, irritation, and dryness. However, there is very little scientific evidence that proves bathing daily is dangerous. Daily bathing could make the skin drier, especially if the individual does not moisturize; however, that is probably all that could be proven. The effects on the microbiome are strictly speculative.

As stated in a study conducted in 2018, several skin diseases are connected to an altered microbial state. However, the same study revealed that the skin microbiota of an adult that is healthy becomes stable over time. This occurs in spite of the environmental changes, such as the frequency of bathing. This means that how often an individual bath or a shower does not affect the health of the skin microbiome.

How Healthy Bathing Habits Varies

The best frequency of the bathing routine could change depending on the situation and body type. It works for some to bathe less than others, including individuals who work indoors at their desks. It also includes those committed to conserving water, individuals with skin conditions such as psoriasis or eczema, and babies. Individuals with sensitive skin should also be included. While bathing every day is optimal for those individuals with physically demanding jobs and those that exercise frequently. Also included are individuals who live in locations that are humid. Individuals including children that get messy often should also bathe regularly.

Babies & Young Children

According to experts, newborn babies, because of their delicate skin, should be bathed less frequently. The skin of the newborn is more susceptible to drying out by soap and hot water. Washing the baby daily is considered excessive and could lead to the skin being damaged. As it relates to young children including toddlers, delicate skin becomes less of an issue. These children can bathe daily but very gently and should be cleaned at the sight of dirt. This is done in order to prevent the buildup of oil and inflammation. Ensure that the bodies of these children are kept clean without scrubbing them excessively, as children have a tendency of getting messy quickly.

Individuals With Active Lifestyles

Regardless of if the individual does a lot of running or they have a job that involves intensive physical labor. Several individuals find that they build up additional sweat as the day progresses. In the event that this is you, the individual might discover themselves in need of washing their body more than just once each day. According to experts, bathing daily directly after a workout or after a long shift is best.

Individuals Who Live In Humid Locations

Once the weather is extremely warm, the body automatically produces extra sweat in order to remain cool. In order to keep the skin feeling fresh and to decrease the chance of buildup of sebum. It is recommended to wash the body a minimum of once per day, especially during heat waves or if the location is humid.

Individuals With Skin Sensitivity

In the event that the individual has a skin condition, the skin biome could be more susceptible to irritation. It is suggested that daily bathing might not be ideal for these individuals. The conditions include seborrheic dermatitis, alopecia, rosacea, psoriasis, and eczema. Irritation and dryness are caused by washing, which strips the natural oils from the skin’s upper layer.

This could be especially problematic in individuals that suffer from eczema and naturally have dry skin. It is recommended that individuals should be very gentle while in the shower. They should also stay clear of products that have fragrances, and always use lotions and creams that are gentle emollients. These aid with restoring oils to the skin and prevent irritation.