How To Scare Trick Or Treaters


The eerie atmosphere and the Halloween fun are a deadly combination while trick-or-treating. It is soon that time of the year, but this time it seems that you are looking for ways to scare off trick-or-treaters. There was once a phase where adults would scare you off when you were younger, and you would go trick-or-treating. Now that you have grown up, it is time to maintain the traditions, but this time it will be you who will scare off the youngsters. Here are some of the most effective scaring tactics that will make youngsters pee in their pants while grabbing candy from the cauldron. It would help if you kept in mind a few things when you set up your porch on Halloween. This includes getting a good set-up, establishing a tiny element of surprise, and a staged porch scene. For instance, you could create a spider scene in your front yard and decorate it with spider webs and red lights. Additionally, you can have a spider with multiple legs. Finally, for the element of surprise, you can attach a string to the candies, which when the kid attempts to grab it, spiders will fall on their face.  Here are some effective tactics to scare off trick-or-treaters until they pee in their pants. 

Trash Can Surprise

This is one of the oldest yet effective tactics when it comes to scaring off youngsters. You could randomly add multiple trash cans on your lawn and decorate them in such a way that it goes along with the theme. They are cheaper and make a budget-friendly frightening tool. For example, you can dedicate one trash can near the candy bowl. The unique thing about this trash can will be the element of surprise. The element of surprise will be you dressed up in a spooky costume hiding in plain sight with the trash can covering you. Now, when a kid picks up a handful, scare them off by jumping from out of the trash can. You could set up remote led-lights for additional effects, allowing you to add special light effects when you pop out of the trash can. 

Guided lighting

Suppose you have an element of surprise; as discussed above, you can lead the trick-or-treaters to it with this tactic. You can create a path enhanced by lights that leads to the element of surprise. It would help if you kept in mind that the element of surprise should be well highlighted, allowing the trick-or-treaters to approach it. This will ensure your plan is successful and the steps of scaring them off are executed.

Understand The Difference Between Creepy And Disney Characters

What many fail to understand is the difference between fairy tale characters and creepy/spooky outfits. For instance, wearing a Cinderella costume is not a mysterious outfit but makes a good fit for a fancy-dress competition. However, modifying the Cinderella costume to a Zombie outfit is a Halloween-worthy costume. Think about it; you wouldn’t scare off trick-or-treaters with a Cinderella costume. On the contrary, you will end up becoming a laughing stock. Hence, ensure your outfit, and the theme is Halloween-worthy. 

Create An Eerie Atmosphere

As mentioned earlier, there is a vast difference between fairy tales and eerie atmospheres. For example, you can highlight some frightening texts and maintain a consistent theme. For the creepy atmosphere, you can dim your lawn lights and enhance certain spooky aspects of it. Additionally, you can make use of the trees by dropping fake insects on the trick-or-treaters and scaring them off. 

Lure Them With The Cauldron Filled With Candies

The cauldron is the highlight of your porch. Therefore, ensure that it is well highlighted, provided it looks spooky. For instance, you can have dry ice and create smoke with lightning effects around the cauldron. However, one needs to be careful while using dry ice. Additionally, you can dim the lights and add stereotypical decors like Jack O’Lanterns. 

Spooky Bell Tone And Background Noise

This is the subtlest trick that you could use to create suspense. If you are used to keeping your candy bowl behind your front door and expect trick-or-treaters to ring your doorbell, then this tactic is the most effective one. Firstly, you can change your doorbell to a spooky noise like a wolf howling or eerie music. Secondly, you can install speakers provided they are camouflaged. The speakers can play mysterious background noises like creaking doors, cat meowing, and more. Therefore, when a kid comes trick-or-treating and rings your doorbell, the fun begins from there.


There are various other ideas where you can decorate your porch and dress up with the spookiest costume. It all depends on your imagination and the budget you are willing to set for scaring off trick-or-treaters. If you decorate your front yard with these tricks, you are sure to get visitors for the next Halloween.