How To Safely Poison Rodents


Since the 14th century, the rodents population has been one of the major concerns. The black death, which is also called rodent-borne disease which is deadly is also caused by rodents, and several people were killed. The plague never really gone away. However, many also believed that the plague had gone away centuries ago. In 2014, due to this plague, more than 40 people had lost their lives in Madagascar. There are also some cases which are reported in recent years in the united states. 

Several diseases can be transmitted from rodents and rats and can cause health problems, not only to humans but also to pets. For example, you can get wells syndrome, Lassa fever, rat-bite fever, lymphocytic choriomeningitis, and typhoid-like deadly diseases. And minor infections such as rashes, headaches, and feelings of nausea can also cause respiratory distress. 

It becomes imperative to keep you and your pets safe when you live in an area prone to rats and rodents. 

The Telltale Signs Of A Mouse Problem

There are many signs which can make you aware that there is little gnaw in your house, or you might notice them on the cereal box. Also, the signs of tiny paw prints on the dust show small rats in your house. On the other hand, the small, granular-shaped droppings with musky odor at certain corners. You can also catch an occasional glimpse of rodents roaming around and scampering there have been positive across your floor. 

Mica and rats can squeeze through the tiniest hole, which is why they can enter your home easily. Unfortunately, they are also prolific breeders that mean if you see any signs of rodents or rats, there could be plenty in your home.

How Can You Create Your Home, A Mouse-Proof One?

The first step you can take to prevent them from coming is not letting them enter your home. Take a look at the corners of your house, and if you detect any hole or opening through which the mouse can enter, you need to seal those openings immediately. Moreover, proper sanitation is also an excellent key to keep rodents, mice away from entering. Also, keep your food items and pet’s eatables tightly sealed in a metal container or air-tight container. Make sure you don’t let trash accumulate inside your home. Store the trash in a proper closing bin and schedule your time for trash collection. In winters, mouse tries to find a warm place, so make sure you are ready with all the rodent freeway.

Should You Use Poisons To Trap The Mouse Or Rodents?

Products which include chemicals and poisons can be effective but at the same time dangerous too for your family and pets. There are spring-loaded traps that are highly effective that can catch and kill the rodent and mouse. There are only a few safest options considered safe t use among children and pets. 

Natural Ways To Get Rid Of Rodents And Mice

There is a friendly pest control method that you can use to get rid of such rodents and rats. You can switch to homemade remedies to control rodents, and they are very effective and all-natural to poisons and traps. Such natural pest control contains aromatic substances like castor oil, tabasco sauce and garlic cloves, etc. 

Does Peppermint Oil The Best Pest Control?

There have been positive feedbacks that peppermint oil has been a success in keeping the mice away. It has a solid repelling smell, and the mice will avoid the places where the odor is present. Use the peppermint oil in the places where you notice the rodent’s activity. If your home is prone to rodents, you can increase the ability to keep the mouse away by placing ultrasound emitters models around your house. Please read the user manual, and they are safe to use around the children and these electronic devices work by sending ultrasound pulses at high frequencies that irritate mice and rodents. 

Killing Rats And Mice

Here are few tips which can help you trap the mouse and eventually kill them-

  1. Put multiple traps- when you see one mouse in your home, there are sure to be more lurking around. Place several traps around the house.
  2. Consider the location- place more traps where you notice more signs of rodent activity. Mice often take the same pathways to form their hiding places.
  3. Use the right bait- if you want to trap the rodent make sure to use the right bait. There are traps available with favorite mouse foods, and they get attracted to them.


Rodants can damage buildings, walls, contaminate food items and also transmit diseases to people and pets. Therefore, it is essential to take proper precautions to keep them away from entering. Choose and consider the best ways to keep the rodents away. It can be natural or chemical, depending on you.