Have You Come Into Contact with Covid-19 Already?


Around the country people are practicing efforts to social distance so that the spread of the virus slows, but are these efforts enough to keep the average person healthy? The number of new active Covid-19 cases in the United States increasing every day by the thousands proves that so far attempted social distancing efforts are not enough to stop this virus. Social distancing can become more effective if individuals follow a few simple rules.


1.Limiting Interactions with Other People


Your friends and family may believe that they are engaging in safe social distancing, but in all reality did your Aunt really skip book club last night? It is hard to interrogate loved ones about where they have been and most importantly who they have been with. Bottom line is how do you calculate exactly how many people you have come into contact with that potentially could have been exposed to the Covid-19 virus? Save yourself the trouble of trying to become a mathematician in one day and use the advantages of technology to video chat loved ones. Going to visit grandparents is also something that will have to be rain-checked during this period. You may be infected and the last thing you want is to transfer the virus onto your elderly loved ones.


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