Gross Animals You Can Eat


You need to know some essential outdoor survival tips when you’re planning a trip to the wilderness, even if it’s a simple camping trip to the local campground or a long hike through rugged terrain.

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Gross But Edible animals 


There are many species of worms globally. According to studies, most of them are edible and safe for human consumption. You just need to make sure that you clean off the dirt on their body before consuming them. You can clean them by placing them in a container or in the grass to let the earth on them settle. Worms are also less in calories, and you can search for them on the planet by simply digging in the sand. 

You must note that all animals listed in this article need to be correctly cooked or fried. Do not consume them raw. 

Snails And Slugs 

Eating snails and slugs will not be the best experience of your life, but if you are starving and have no other option, you just have to consume them. Terrestrial snails and slugs are safe to eat only after cooking them well. They contain 100 grams of meat with 90 calories per slug and are also rich in proteins. 

If you have an option to choose between snails or slugs, then the safe choice will be a snail because slugs consume toxic mushrooms more often. But if you have no alternative and just slugs, then to clean them, you can put them in a container in moist vegetation or a sticky caramel and let it purge to get rid of toxins and then cook them well. 


Did you know that the cicadas that roar in the summers every year are edible too? The newly fetched cicadas known as Tenerals are considered best for human consumption, and their shells are also not intoxicating. 

You must first boil them and get rid of any bacteria and germs present in their gut. You must also remove the wings and legs, and then you can then fry them and eat. 


Grubs are not a part of any specific species. They are very tricky to identify, but they are 99% safe for human consumption. Boiled grubs contain 124 calories, five grams of fats, and 16 grams of protein. They also contain potassium and other minerals. 

Grubs usually have shrimp flavor, which is excellent in taste, and when cooked, they resemble shrimp meat. You can remove their tentacles and legs if you want to before eating them. 


Termites contain the highest amount of calories. These are paired colored insects that have over six grams of calories. Though collecting them is not very easy. These can be boiled and added to a stew, or roasted in a dry pan, baked in the dough to get protein-rich food and food supplements. 


Crickets and grasshoppers are diverse and are safe for human consumption. You just need to avoid the colored species or various insects like red, yellow, blue, etc. As they usually contain poisonous toxins. Also, before boiling or cooking them, you must remove their heads and legs. Also, cook and burn these bugs properly. 

You can hunt for them in the morning, as there are no parasites during that time to prey on them. Bugs are primarily colorless and tasteless. 


Opossums are the rats of the woods and are an easy catch. These always have an excellent pork-like flavor only if you kill the right animal. They are not always that good, though, depending on one’s luck. 

You must carefully clean the possum and then roast it properly to have a unique experience. 


They survive by eating dead fishes and scavenging for them, though they are safe despite their fishy diet. It is easy to stay on an isolated island if there are a lot of seagulls available. 

You can hunt for them and then remove the feathers, roast them, and then eat. 


Snakes are terrifying, but for some people, it is mouthwatering. To fetch a snake, you must hold a snake from its head and put it out. You can cut 15 cm away from the head to get rid of the poisonous glands. Also, avoid coral snake species as they are too dangerous, and their poison runs through their entire body. 

You can roast the meat, and you can cook it with a stew. Do not overcook or over-roast in, or else the meat will become harder to chew. You can cook it by cutting the meat into segments and then roast the meat. 


Rodents are not the safest animals to consume as they can be more hazardous than snakes. They contain poison and viruses, and bacteria, which are not safe for human consumption, but all snakes are not the same. Some rodents like rat kabobs with stew taste like chicken if cleaned and cooked properly. 

The meat of the 300-gram rodents contains approximately 600 calories, 63-gram proteins, and about 30 grams of fat. They also are rich in iron content. 


Proper preparation can save you from having to consume any of the animals listed above. It is good to know what is edible in emergencies and how to consume it without any complications.