Fun Indoor Activities to Try During Quarantine

Indoor Activities

With COVID-19 recommendations to stay indoors and practice social distancing, there is not much to do. Going crazy inside can be tough, but not much more than the disease. Hence, we have outlined some fun indoor activities that you can do during the quarantine.

1. Try Virtual Concerts

teenage girl with headphones watching videos on laptop

Artists are doing their best to raise money to help fight this pandemic. You can join in too by trying these virtual concerts. The One World: Together at Home concert raised almost $130 million in the fight against coronavirus. The BangBangCon online concerts by popular K-pop group BTS garnered over 50 million viewers. There are many other virtual concerts that you can attend from the safety of your home.


2. Getting Organized

It’s the time for some deep spring cleaning. When you have time to purge, then why not put on some gloves and get organized. You can donate your old clothes and get rid of that expired jar of brown paste lying in the corner of your fridge too.

Young family of four reading at leisure

3. Read That Book

We all have that one book we have been meaning to read for a while. Well, it’s time to get to it. The National Emergency Library has released over 1.4 million books until the end of the pandemic, so find your niche and get to it!


4. Learn a New Instrument

Many people have been yearning to learn guitar, piano, or the ukulele for months but haven’t been able to find the time. There are plenty of online classes that you can try for free. Fender Play has announced three months of free lessons to get you started. Gibson has also launched a few months of free lessons that you try!

family playing musical instruments at home.

5. Try Making DIY Masks

The CDC has released that wearing a mask while you are outside can reduce the spread. There are plenty of great tutorials online (even on the CDC website) that you try. While you are in a pharmacy or grocery run, it can be a good idea to wear your DIY Bandana mask.


6. Connect Virtually

You and your friends (or family) can plan brunches or dinners with each other. But, through online platforms like Zoom! You can even hold a virtual happy hour and have a party with your loved ones. Staying connecting in this tough time can be a life-saver!

young father at home holding a tablet, video chatting with wife and children.

7. Try a New Craft or Hobby

You can try some new crafts or hobbies to entertain you through this time. You can try to make wall art, jewelry, shirts, or even indulge in some scrapbooking. Trying knitting or crocheting can also be quite fun and relaxing. Bring out those crayons or oil paints, and get to work! It can be quite fun to try upgrading your skills during this time!


There are plenty of other fun indoor activities that you can do! Try not to be limited by your imagination during this quarantine.