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Emergency Supplies You Should Always Have


Reading a little history and catching up on the current chances of being stuck in a natural disaster is enough to send you into panic mode about how unprepared you are for keeping emergency supplies. In fact, after the mayhem of the 2020 pandemic and lockdown, one should not even feel compelled to ask such a question. We know we need these emergency supplies all the time. But what are the things that you should stock up on? Listed below are the emergency supplies you should always have in your house. 

First Aid Kit 

A house is incomplete without emergency supplies, and emergency supplies begin with a first aid kit. Accidents come unannounced, and they do not accept excuses –having a kit ready for them is always essential. Always stock up on the supplies that make up a perfect first aid kit. You can find some impressive examples available for purchase online or can get the supplies and prepare a kit by yourself. You must include bandages, gloves, scissors, medical tools, sterilization tape, pads, and other medical needs to respond to urgent situations appropriately. 


Flashlights seem unnecessary until it goes dark and you don’t have one. In the unlikely case that you have not gone through this scenario and need someone to tell you if flashlights are as important, then here’s the answer –a big affirmative. It’s best if your flashlight is battery-free, but keeping a normal one as a backup is also a smart move. However, if you’ll now invest in a flashlight, it’s better to choose a battery-free one. Try to get the one that can provide light for a longer time and is waterproof. You can find one which runs on solar energy and keep that for an emergency. 


If we’re talking about flashlights, we must also be prepared for a situation when we do not have them. Lanterns will provide light to a larger space, and you can rely on these lamps when you realize you’re out of battery or have misplaced your flashlight. (A part of first aid is also storing enough batteries and keeping your supplies in a place where you can always find them.) Lanterns rule out the inconvenience of holding the flashlight in your hand, which can save you from some significant stress in emergency times. 


While packaged food is generally not something we should normalize, we must remember how emergency calls for the strangest actions. Having non-perishable food stored in your house for an emergency is perhaps one of the wisest decisions of life because it keeps you alive. While shopping for food, be sure that you’re buying the right kind of food. Even in tough times like pandemic lockdowns or evacuation, you will need tasty food that you enjoy eating. While getting affordable and healthy stuff is crucial, so is getting something enjoyable in your system when you’re already facing a crisis. Foods that give you hope in dark times are a must-have. The concept stays the same if you have a pet, so don’t forget to stock up for your little friend. 


There cannot be enough emphasis on this one. Plastic money does not save you when you have to buy something in an emergency, and your ATMs stop functioning, or your card is lost. Having cash in your house, safe and sound, is like having a sense of security in your head. Keeping your money in a safe place is essential, and so is keeping the right amount since the opposite could happen –you may have to rely on the money stored in your bank if something happens to your cash. Discuss with someone trustworthy, preferably an expert, about how much money will last you through a sudden emergency and which is the best way to keep it.  

Heavy Duct Tape

Another practical and inexpensive addition to your emergency supplies is a roll of this reliable heavy duct tape. From repairing your sleeping bag and packaging your food to using it as a bandage and creating a safe shelter for you, duct tape has a long list of uses for survival. The internet will tell you how miraculously effective this thing is in various situations, say, keeping a broken window fixed, so you don’t get cut. It’s equally essential you read about the uses of this tape and practice how to use it. 

Waterproof Matches 

Having waterproof matches is vital for the times when technology evades or even betrays you. You should have these matches in your house as well as in your bag if you’re going out. Especially for damper regions, it’s insensible not to carry some because you’re going to need some old-fashioned natural warmth from the fire. Keep enough packets saved so they can last you through a long time. These are things that you will not regret purchasing. Get the bigger boxes or buy enough to avoid the lack of matchsticks becoming a cause of concern for you when you’re already dealing with a disaster. Fire will always be necessary –you’ll need it for something as simple as boiling water and drinking it to make your way in the dark. 

Clean Drinking Water 

In a world where water is scarce, and governments can crash, and known life has the potential to be turned upside down, having a supply of clean and safe drinking water is nothing short of absolutely mandatory. Even if you have high filtration technology or some other water arrangements made, you must include sufficient gallons of water to survive in your first aid plan. If you’re living alone, prepare for at least two weeks worth of water. You’ll need a gallon a day, and the number increases depending on how many members you’re stocking up for. You must do some research on how to make water drinkable for urgent situations. 


With environmental catastrophe and anxiety always lurking around the corner, unstable COVID-19 situations, and the seemingly increasing lack of problems, it’s not just mature to have the supplies listed above always ready –it is vital. Refer to what instructions the American Red Cross gives and invest some time preparing lists of hypothetical situations where you could need something. We can often get sidetracked and assign more –or sometimes less – importance to some supplies. Don’t forget to get all your documents updated and their copies readily available for use.