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Driving Habits That Wreck Your Vehicle & Wallet


The longer an individual owns a vehicle, the more driving habits are acquired. Regrettably, not all of the acquired habits are good ones. What is more, the greater experience in driving the individual has, the more difficult it is to break the habits. Below are a few of the bad driving behaviors that lead to unnecessary expenses. The article is intended to assist in curbing bad habits and allowing individuals to avoid harmful situations.

Maintaining Your Foot On The Brake While Driving Downhill

Several drivers have a tendency of keeping their foot on the brake pedal as they are driving downhill. In an effort to be ready to break in the event of any worthwhile situation. This results in the brake system overheating and wearing out the brake discs and pads. The correct thing to do is to place the vehicle into a lower gear causing the engine braking to be initiated.

Running A Cold Engine At High Revs

The majority of modern vehicles do not require warming up. However, individuals should still keep their eye on the temperature gauge. Until that gauge shows that it has reached operating temperature, the engine should not run in excess of 2,000 RPMs. During freezing conditions, it is advisable to maintain the engine running for about one to two minutes prior to driving away.

Neglecting To Utilize The Emergency Brake

When an individual parks a vehicle that has automatic transmission on an incline, they should use the emergency brake. The reason being is that the total burden rests on the lock gear of the output shaft of the gearbox. In order to successfully park on a slope, press the foot brake and plane the vehicle in park. Then engage the emergency brake, then and only then slowly release the brake.

Ignoring Suspicious Noises

Malfunctions could be indicated by creaking noises that are ever so slight. They can also be signals by other unusual sounds. Several drivers have a tendency to completely ignore these sounds. This could lead to the vehicle breaking down in the middle of the road. In the event, your vehicle begins to emit unnatural noises, make sure to have a diagnostic check completed as soon as possible. This should identify the issue and it could be dealt with in time.

Frequent Braking

Maintain your distance from other vehicles, and merge with the traffic. This is the technique that they teach everyone during driving school. However, if an individual continually brakes unnecessarily, they better put aside some additional cash for the replacement of brake pads. In order to avoid unpleasant accidents, keep in mind the regular changing of brake hoses. Also, remember to monitor the brake fluid level regularly.

Filling Up Only When The Gas Tank Is Practically Empty

When a vehicle is not being used, mechanical impurities build up in the gas tank and residue settles to the base. The dirt gets into the filters and the fuel pump, resulting in some damage. During the winter season, be certain that the gas tank is always left at a minimum half filled with fuel. This is to ensure that you avoid the development of huge quantities of condensate. During freezing temperatures, the presence of water in the gas tank could result in warping of the tank and other issues.

Resting Your Hand On The Gear Stick

Several individuals have the habit of resting their hands on the gear stick as they drive. This practice should be avoided for many reasons. The most apparent of them all is that individuals should have both hands on the steering for optimum control. Another harmful impact is that such tiny, nevertheless consistent; the strain on the gearbox transforms it into something that resembles a cocktail shaker. This leads to the dislodgement of gears and synchronizers. This in turn results in issues with changing gears.