Dogs That Have Very Important Jobs

Dogs aren’t just here for play time — sometimes, they do very important work. These dogs work hard at their jobs, whether it’s rescuing other dogs from mud, helping a friend cross the finish line of a half marathon, or making sick people smile. They prove that man’s best friend can be more than just that — they can be heroes. While some of these jobs are important in name only, like the canine mayor of Idyllwild, California, others are legitimately helping people. Molly is a therapy dog that works with child abuse victims. She helps calm them down in court while they tell their stories. Dogs are being trained to detect the coronavirus by sniffing people.

Police dogs around the world are being trained to sniff out the novel coronavirus so they might be able to detect infected people in public places. Much like sniffing for bombs, malaria, or even cancer, dogs are trained to recognize the smell of the virus and then find it in public places. “In Santiago, Chile, the National Police and the Catholic University of Chile are working together to train four dogs to detect the coronavirus in public spaces by September.

Molly Sits In Courtrooms To Help Calm Victims Of Abuse.

Courtroom dogs are a relatively new phenomenon. In the San Bernardino, California, district attorney’s office, two black Labradors were sworn in as part of a special victims canine unit. Their job is to “reduce fear and help some of the most vulnerable victims, many of them children, feel comfortable in court,” according to reports. Their presence is thought to help support kids who must tell their stories in front of an entire courtroom, while their parents are unable to sit with them.

Westley, Waffle And Gus Helped Thomas Panek

Westley, Waffle, and Gus helped Thomas Panek become the first blind person to complete the New York City Half Marathon with guide dogs. Panek finished the race with the help of these two very good boys and one very good girl, who took turns switching off during the race, and guided him through the streets. They even got to wear their very own running shoes over their paws. Panek finished the race with Gus, who has been by his side for years. “It’s a little emotional for me because he’s been there with me the whole time,” Panek said of his running pal.

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