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DIY Ways To Keep Thieves Away From Your Home

Many people have a false sense of security in their homes. They think that no one will ever break into their house because they live in a good neighborhood and have locked doors and windows. But this is not always the case! In this article, you will learn the top DIY methods for keeping burglars away from your home! In fact, there are many ways to keep thieves away from your home without spending much money or time.

Install Security Cameras

Many people think that burglars will avoid homes with security cameras. This is because most thieves do not want to be captured on camera, and they know it’s harder for the police to solve cases where there are no clear suspects or leads. You can install surveillance systems yourself by buying a simple home alarm system and adding extra devices like hidden cameras around your house. One of these small gadgets costs as little as $20, so you could have an entire security system without spending much money at all! It also means that if someone does break-in, you’ll have multiple recordings of them entering your property – which makes catching them easier for police investigators.

Make Your Home Look Occupied

A big mistake many homeowners make is not making it clear that they actually live in their homes. For example, you might never leave your porch light on at night to show the world that there’s someone inside – but this gives thieves an easy opportunity to break in without anyone noticing! You can also install timers for lamps, so they go off and on by themselves throughout the day. People will think you are always home because of how frequently these lights turn on/off. 

Put Away Your Valuables

A large chunk of break-ins are by people who are looking to steal valuables. However, you can easily avoid this if you put everything away in a safe place! Instead of leaving your jewelry box on the kitchen counter, so it’s easy for anyone to see inside, keep all your valuable items locked up somewhere only you know about – like the back of a closet or even an outdoor shed. You can also install cabinet locks that prevent doors from being opened unless someone has the key. This means thieves will have no idea what kind of expensive things you might have hidden there – and they’ll be less likely to try entering through them at all!

Take Advantage Of  Smart Products

With the rise of smart technology, more and more products can help you keep your home safe. For example, there are now electronic locks that only let people in after they’ve scanned their fingerprints or irises – which means burglars won’t be able to get inside without permission! You could also install a solar-powered security system like Ring’s Video Doorbell, which sends real-time notifications to your phone when someone is at your front door. This way, even if thieves do break into your house while you’re gone, you’ll still know what happened before it’s too late (and police can track them down faster!)

Install An Alarm System

A classic method for keeping thieves away from your home is installing an alarm system. You can hire a professional to come in and install sensors around your front, back, and side doors – but it’s also possible to do this yourself! An effective DIY solution for this is simply buying some transparent stickers that have been made especially to work with door alarms. You put them on the inside of your windows, so people won’t know they’re there because these adhesive products are nearly invisible from the outside. But if anyone tries opening any of those doors without taking off the sticker first, then a loud siren will sound inside your house – scaring away thieves before they even get close!

Use Deadbolts

You can choose from many locks when securing different parts of your home, but the most important one is your front door! This is because this is where thieves are most likely to try gaining access, so you must use a good deadbolt on it. Deadbolts are extremely secure locks with screws going through the inside of them for extra protection against tampering. They’re also relatively easy to install yourself if you follow these basic instructions, which means anyone can do without hiring help from a professional.

Fake Dog Signs

Another good idea for deterring would-be thieves is to put up fake “beware of dog” signs around your home’s perimeter. These can be as simple as a few pieces of paper that say something like, “Beware – Dog on Duty!” or you could go all out and create life-sized ones with a picture of a barking pitbull on them. Either way, this will make people think twice about trying anything funny at night because an aggressive canine might be roaming the property! 

Close Curtains Or Blinds

This is another straightforward DIY solution for keeping thieves at bay. All you have to do is close all your curtains or blinds before going out! Make sure the windows are completely covered so there’s no chance of anyone spying through them and seeing where valuables might be located inside – like TVs, game consoles, laptops, etc. There will also be less risk of break-ins occurring if people can’t see what kind of high-tech gadgets you own either because these items tend to attract burglars who want to steal expensive equipment they don’t already have themselves. Also, you’ll save money by not having to turn on any lights or worry about wasting electricity.

Reinforce Sliding Doors

Sliding doors also need to be reinforced because they are relatively easy for thieves to break through, especially if they’re not made of very sturdy material. Add extra screws on the frame and make sure that there’s a metal bar running across it at all times (even when you open or close the door). Adding some locks where two pieces meet is another good idea as well – in order words, try installing a “butterfly lock,” which will prevent sliding doors from being forced apart enough so someone could crawl between them. 

Get A Safe

Getting a safe is another good way to keep thieves out of your home. It might sound extreme, but it’s better than having valuable jewelry or documents end up stolen because you didn’t want to spend the extra money on something like this! You can install safes in garages, basements, closets, even bathrooms – wherever works best for you. Either combination locks or electronic keypads secure these so only those who know the code will have access. Plus, safes consist of sturdy materials that won’t break down easily unless someone has tools with them and knows what they’re doing (which most burglars don’t). So make sure yours isn’t too easy to crack open, and you’ll never have to worry about anything being stolen from inside it again.

Motion-Sensing Outdoor Lights

Motion-sensing outdoor lights are another great idea because they will automatically turn on if someone walks by your home. This gives thieves a good scare and often makes them run off immediately. Some of these types of motion detectors even come in a “stealth” form now where their design blends into the background, so potential criminals never know they’re there until it’s too late. These devices make for good investments no matter what your security situation is like.

Always Be Alert

Being alert and aware of your surroundings at all times is probably the best way to prevent break-ins – regardless of what you’ve done so far! Although having a home security system or safes can be helpful, it’s always better if criminals never get close enough even to bother breaking in. So try being a little bit more observant about who might be around your property when nobody else seems to be out there. Sometimes burglars will take up positions inside people’s garages while waiting for their targets to leave their homes! So make sure that everyone who enters or exits your home is someone you know, and always close the garage door behind them once they’ve gone – even if it’s only for a few seconds.


In conclusion, there are many ways to protect your home from thieves. Be alert and aware of your surroundings at all times, even when you’re inside! Just because someone hasn’t broken in yet doesn’t mean they won’t be able to do so soon. So sometimes it’s better not even letting yourself get comfortable until after having checked everything carefully first! This way, you’ll always know exactly what might need fixing or replacing – which is vital since burglars like to try and find out about particular vulnerabilities in your home before taking advantage of them. So make sure you know all the ways they might be able to break in!