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Creative Ways To Recycle Glass Bottles


There’s no doubt about it: glass bottles are pretty. And while they’re lovely to look at, they can also be pretty vexing when it comes time to recycle them. But never fear – we’ve got you covered with some creative ways to recycle those old glass bottles! The possibilities are endless when it comes to reusing those old bottles. So grab a few of your favorite bottles and get crafty! We promise you won’t be disappointed.

Bottle Bird Feeder

A wine bottle makes a gorgeous bird feeder. The next time you’ve got an empty bottle or two of wine, save them for this fun project. All you need is a drill, some wire, and a few screws. Cut the wire to fit around your wine bottle’s circumference. Drill two holes in each side of the bottle near the top, run the wire through them and secure it with screws. Fill with birdseed and watch as birds flock to your drinker! This is a great project for kids, so let the little ones in on the fun.

Bottle Lamp

Don’t throw that old glass bottle away! Turn into a stylish lamp with all sorts of fun styles to choose from. You can use anything from small vases to large wine bottles for this project. Spray paint the base and top of the bottle in your choice color or, if you’d prefer, leave them clear. Stick some battery-powered string lights in it. Then simply turn on your lamp, sit back, and enjoy! Don’t be afraid to get creative – this is a wonderful project for personalizing your own lamp. You could even spray paint a design or decoupage it with book pages, ephemera stickers, or fabric.

Bottle Vases

A classic – and beautiful – way to recycle glass bottles is as a vase. You can use just about any bottle you want for this project: wine bottles, mason jars, even glass soda bottles. All you need to do is fill the bottle with water and flowers, and you’re good to go! To spice up the look, consider spray painting the base of your vase in a fun color.

Bottle Wind Chime

Did you know that glass bottles make great wind chimes? They do! You can use anything from small wine bottles to larger mason jars for this project. Glue or tie together a few bottles of different sizes and suspend them from a tree branch or porch railing. The sound the chimes make is beautiful, and it’s a great way to recycle those old bottles.

Bottle Christmas Ornament

Turn your old glass bottles into festive Christmas ornaments! This is a great project for kids, and it’s a great way to use up old bottles that you might otherwise throw away. All you need is some paint, a ribbon, and a hot glue gun. Paint the bottle in your choice color, then let it dry. Cut a piece of ribbon to fit around the bottle’s neck, then glue in place. You can also add a small bell or another festive ornament to the top of the bottle. Hang on to your tree and enjoy!

Bottle Candle Holder

You can use this method to make votive candles. Simply fill a small glass bottle with wax, then add a wick. Let the wax cool, and light up your votive! Glass bottles make beautiful candle holders. 

Storage Bottles

Voss water bottles make ideal storage containers for many things. They’re great for loose tea and other types of dry goods, and they even work as pen holders. To use, simply remove the labels and fill them with your chosen product or utensils. Then, either screw on the top or put a rubber band around it to seal it off. These bottles are also dishwasher and microwave-safe, so they’re perfect for storing just about anything.

Glass Spray Bottle

You can actually recycle those old glass bottles as spray bottles! Clean the label off your discarded bottle and fill it with water, rubbing alcohol, or other cleaning solution. Then you have a great homemade spray bottle to use whenever you need it. 


There you have it – some fun and creative ways to recycle those old glass bottles. Glass recycling is a great way to help the environment, and these fun projects are a great way to get creative with your old glass bottles. So the next time you’ve got a few bottles lying around, don’t throw them away – put them to good use instead! Get started today and see what you can come up with!