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Cooking Wild Game: What You Need To Know

Wild game is among the healthiest meat on the planet, but cooking it can be tricky. Outdoorsmen know the last phase of a good trip occurs at the table. All the memories of a successful outing replay themselves when a game feast is prepared, whether it’s fish or fowl, or perhaps a little venison tenderloin. To make the dinner even more memorable, it helps if the guests ask for seconds. And admittedly, wild game is not something everyone cooks well. Try these five techniques from The Sporting Chef Scott Leysath to make your next wild game dinner delicious.

1. Keep It Cold And Keep It Clean.

Scott admits it’s tempting to carry game around to show your friends, but taking care of it early helps at the end. Spoilage organisms are best kept to a minimum when you dress and clean the game quickly. Then, getting the game chilled soon after further protects it from spoilage.

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