Cannabis-Friendly Cities Throughout The World


Marijuana is very popular; however, the laws pertaining to weed vary significantly depending on the area in which individuals reside. Even though marijuana is illegal in several places, there are a few cities that have become the dream location for stoners. If you are in the market for cannabis-friendly destinations, here you will find the top cities that are supportive of cannabis users.

San Francisco, California

The Bay Area is considered one of the hometowns of the movement for counterculture in the 1960s and has constantly been accepting of cannabis. This has not changed. San Francisco is by far one of the leading cities for support of the cannabis movement in the United States. In addition, there are several places of interest to be visited, such as the Golden Gate Bridge, and taking a stroll up the famous San Francisco hills, and enjoying the breathtaking views of the Northern California Coast. Once the individual is over the age of twenty-one, they can possess as much as an ounce of cannabis flower to as much as eight grams of marijuana concentrate.

Seattle, Washington

In the year 2012, the state of Washington passed a law legalizing the recreational use of cannabis, for adults over the age of twenty-one years. Cannabis coffee shops and bars can be found all over the city of Seattle, and this city is very popular during the summer season. Seattle offers loads to do outdoors, including exploring national forests and parks, kayaking, and biking. Contrary to popular belief, it does not rain that much during the summer at all. Persons can explore the Space Needle, Pike Place Market, and each of the dispensaries; because that is the reason you are there.

Portland, Oregon

Most people might have heard that slogan, ‘keep Portland weird’, and Portland is very much peculiar as it claims to be, and a large part of that is the support for marijuana users. Oregon in a bold step recently decriminalized all drugs, however, they are that insane. As it relates to cannabis, adults can have as much as an ounce at any one time in their possession, this includes locals and tourists. The Rose City as it is referred to has countless places for food, awe-inspiring bridge architecture, and countless places depicting public art. If you are also a lover of books, Powell’s Books cover an entire block.

Denver, Colorado

Once you reside in North America and in particular the United States, there is no reason why you would have to travel to different continents, as the regions in America are plentiful for individuals to be able to partake of this natural plant, and one of those places is Denver in Colorado. This state in 2012 legalized the recreational use of marijuana and since that time to the present, the cannabis tourism industry has exploded. The state is one of the states that are best visited during the winter season, as individuals can spend some time on the slopes and then cozy up near a fire with a joint.

Nimbin, New South Wales

Most people might have never heard of Nimbin before, however, it is time that they did, as this place has made a name for itself as being the cannabis capital of Australia. The town has been described by visitors as if they walked into the 1960s. There are flower power signs and tie-dye everywhere and countless smoke shops to boot. Plus, if edibles are your thing, they are also available.

Kingston, Jamaica

Well, if you know about Bob Marley, then you know that Jamaica is his home country and that weed is plentiful here, so there is no surprise that the country is cannabis friendly. However, it would shock most people to learn that marijuana was only decriminalized in 2015. Although the herb, as it is called here, is not available at clubs and cafes, it is very accessible from patrons on the beach. The country also has medical dispensaries, however, it is not uncommon or difficult to locate them in the open.

Vancouver, British Columbia

Located in North America, but this time way up North in Canada, weed has been decriminalized for both medicinal and recreational use. Since the date of decriminalization, Vancouver has claimed status as a 4/20 friendly tourist destination, meaning weed is smoked here. If interested and we know you are, visit the New Amsterdam Café or the Blunt Bros, which is an underground spot, for an authentic Canadian cannabis experience. There is plenty of tourist attractions, and during your exploring, you are sure to find a cannabis café or two in the area.

Ibiza, Spain

The beaches of Barcelona are breathtaking, however, they do not compare to those found in Ibiza. There are miles and miles of sandy, sunny beaches with the calming Mediterranean breeze blowing all through the city. This is a huge party place as well. It is known as one of the friendliest countries for cannabis use. It is very easy to buy pot anywhere in the city and no one looks at you twice if you light it up in a club or on the beach.

Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona is renowned for its architecture, art, and pristine beaches, and now for being one of the friendliest places for cannabis use around. This region features several local marijuana seed breeders, in addition, the city has a strict law that allows an individual to have in their possession as much as forty grams of cannabis and have two plants being grown on their property. However, tourists are not able to plant or grow weed, but the city is very open to medicinal and recreational users.

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Amsterdam has been ahead of the cannabis curve for decades, the city is well known for its free thinkers and as a vacation paradise for cannabis users. The reason being is that weed is completely legal and is readily available for purchase from numerous shops and cafes laden throughout the city. As for the city itself, the streets are lined with museums, restaurants, and independently owned shops. Perfect for fun, exploration, and culture sampling.