Can Laughter Therapy Boost Your Health?


With the onset of laughter therapy sessions and their raising popularity and even laughter-inspired yoga. Individuals are seeking clarity on whether a good laugh could really enhance their mental and physical health?

Perform A Kind Deed

Even though it might appear as if it is a bit of a selfish motive. Performing a kind deed for anyone less fortunate could assist in encouraging individuals to love themselves. There are several varying methods of performing a kind deed, however, one of the ultimate ways is volunteering.

If this sounds as if it is something that you would try. Select a cause that you are passionate about and fits the skill set you have. For example, befriend an elderly person, help out at a sporting club or utilize your marketing abilities to promote a charity. If you believe that volunteering is too time-consuming, a study discovered that individuals who volunteered reported feeling like they had extra time.

Be A Hero To Yourself

In the event that there is an important event on the horizon. To which the individual believes they are confident enough to participate, such as a speech or an interview. Pretending that you are a hero for the day could provide that boost that is needed in your confidence. If this is something that you think you could attempt, select someone that you identify with.

However, the individual must be well known for their individual confidence. Once selected start to act as if you are that person. Even though you do not have to talk as they would using their accent or manifest any of their weird mannerisms. You should still envision your hero. This mental imagery could have a significant impact on the body language and tone of voice.

Restrict Thoughts

Are you able to count the number of times during the day that negative thoughts about yourself bombard your mind? Ok, now are you able to think about the number of times that you compliment yourself? The bet is that way more negative thoughts flood your brain than thoughts of compliments. Even though several individuals are guilty of this, it is unacceptable to recognize it and not change it.

An excellent way to change this behavior and love yourself in the process is to limit your thinking. Individuals could accomplish this by following up each negative thought with a positive one. For example, if you repeat to yourself that you are overweight, old, or ugly. Follow this up with you have a great smile or lovely skin. Consistently bombarding your mind with positive thoughts about yourself will possibly enhance the self-esteem of the individual.

Accept & Admit Shortcomings & Take Action

Everyone has shortcomings and this is fine. It is simply something that individuals have to admit and accept. Still, there are individuals that their shortcomings disrupt their life and build obstacles that stand between them and happiness. If there is a shortcoming that is starting to develop into an issue it is time to accept, admit and alter it. An individual might have a foul temper, be an over jealous individual or have a problem with food. Regardless of the shortcoming, bear in mind that you will not love yourself until you address the flaws.

Analyze Relationships

There are just some individuals that are in this life that are not good for you. If you have people in your circle that constantly belittle you, undermine you, or are simply mean. Consider really hard about addressing this problem and confronting them regarding their behavior. This could be a daunting task, in particular, if you are being bullied.

Bear in mind that no one has the right to put another person down. Plus the only way individuals will stop this is by you not accepting it. You have to be brave, prepare what will be said, so that communication is clear and precise. Talk through the problem face to face. If the issue recurs it might be that time to cut loose ends. Do not waste time on individuals that consistently make you feel bad about yourself.