6 Super Cheap Countries You Can Visit on a Budget of $50 Per Day or Less

-Traveling the world isn’t just for the rich and famous. With varying currency exchange rates, many of the most beautiful destinations are well within reach for the average traveler. For $50 per day or less, you can find yourself in some of the lushest, most culturally rich landscapes of the world. In many cases, $50 per day will get you relatively luxurious accommodations. Our expert saver’s tip is to look for lodging with free breakfast included in the room price. Here we explore six cheap countries to visit on a budget that are beyond extraordinary.

1. Turkey $30 to $50

Exploring Turkey has never been more affordable. Airfare, accommodation, transportation, and excursions stack up well with the currency exchange. This country embodies the East-meets-West attitude. Turkey is a vibrant country filled with roaring market-filled metropolises, Roman ruins, challenging mountains, and exotically azure seascapes.

2. Indonesia $20 to $50

Bali, the land of sky-high prices, has many travelers turned off despite its waterfalls. However, the rest of Indonesia is surprisingly¬†affordable, less congested, and even more pristine. The key to cutting costs when traveling Indonesia is to pick a region and stick with it; private transportation costs can sink a budget. Get ready for the clearest water you’ve ever seen.

3. Nepal $15 to $30

There’s an intrinsically magical quality about the country of Nepal. This Himalayan-lined country, filled with natural and spiritual wonders, has something for everyone. Whether you’re headed to find yourself on a trek or better understand the serenity-infused Nepalese, you can do it without losing much cash. Nepal is one of the cheapest countries in the world to visit whether you opt for a guided or independent adventure.

4. Colombia $30 to $50

Don’t overlook Colombia based on its checkered past; modern travelers experience the most hospitable and friendly conditions in this gorgeous and versatile South American paradise. If you’ve ever traveled South America, you’ve likely heard fellow travelers rave about Colombia. Not only does it give you access to the Pacific and Atlantic coasts, the Amazon rainforest, and the Andes, but the people are among the friendliest in the world.

5. Vietnam $20 to $40

Think again if you believe value and purity can’t go hand-in-hand. If you are looking for a real adventure, Vietnam and its unpolluted and unpopulated natural attractions is the place to be. Prices for nearly everything are mind-bogglingly inexpensive. The one place to shop around is with lodging. The tourism industry banks on travelers not investigating options. Expenses for rooms can range from $2 to $150 or more per night; don’t bite on the first results that pop into your browser.

6. Morocco $25 to $50

Morocco is a quick ferry ride across the Strait of Gibraltar from coastal Spain and costs exponentially less than most European locales. You can scale the Atlas mountains, get up close and personal with the Ouzoud Waterfall or expand your mind’s eye in the dunes of the Sahara for almost nothing per day.


The Bottom Line

Anyone who wants to travel can travel; it’s all about priorities and finding countries to visit within your budget.

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