Bizarre Things You Didn’t Know You Could Be Allergic To


The most commonly known allergy culprits are pollen and dust; however, these are not the only ones. Practically anything from a person’s own sweat to a variety of animals and animal products could result in allergies. Keep reading to see what you need to know.


Dogs, cats, and other pets that are furry are known to activate sneezing fits in people that are allergic to their dander, however, reptiles could be an allergy culprit as well. The immune system of an individual would sense that all the tiny proteins in the skin of the reptiles are bad, therefore the immune system attacks them and causes symptoms of allergies. A case study that was initially published through a university in Spain regarding a female that was forty-two years of age and suffering from allergy symptoms such as runny nose, itchy eyes, and asthma as a result of her pet iguana.


This is quite unusual, but persons are allergic to semen, as stated by Dr. Philip Halverson of Allergy & Asthma Specialists in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Typically, symptoms are restricted to the point of contact, therefore oral sex could result in irritation in the throat and mouth and females could develop vaginitis, which is inflammation of the vagina that results in an uncommon discharge, pain, or itching.

Mobile Phones

No one really believes this one, but electronics that contain metals such as nickel could result in contact dermatitis, which is a skin disease that causes swollen, itchy skin or rash subsequent to coming into contact with something that the individual is allergic or sensitive to, as documented by the American College of Allergy, Asthma, and Immunology. This allergy is much more common than people may imagine. As a matter of fact, a review in Dermatitis 2015 of over fifty years’ worth of literature on nickel dermatitis discovered that the allergy rates for this condition are on the increase.


According to the medical professional, anything on four legs could result in a delayed food reaction that does not occur immediately such as in typical food allergies. Many individuals feel the difference within minutes, however, in this uncommon case, it takes roughly four to six hours for a terrible reaction to happen. The really bizarre part of this animal meat allergy referred to as alpha-gal allergy, is that it mainly affects individuals that have been bitten by a Lone Star tick, which is predominantly in the southeast of the United States. Symptoms sometimes include stuffy nose, headache, sneezing, cramps, nausea, and rash.


This allergy is so rare that a person can not even try to use it as an excuse not to attend the gym. The allergy is known as exercise-induced anaphylaxis. This unusual allergy is really triggered by the food that is consumed prior to exercise. Dissimilar from normal food allergies, individuals with this condition do not have a reaction until sometime after beginning their physical activity; once started, respiratory and skin symptoms emerge out of nowhere. Working out heats the body up and the immune system responds to the proteins that are breaking down in the stomach. Cheese, celery, seafood, and wheat are foods discovered to be triggered in persons with this condition.


Individuals that are allergic to latex will also have allergic reactions to the condoms that are manufactured from latex. Medical professionals only became knowledgeable about latex allergies when there was a prevalence of latex gloves in the medical arena some years ago. Individuals and their significant others or sexual partners should investigate whether either of them is allergic to latex and checking the ingredients prior to using condoms.


If on a humid, hot day you find yourself breaking out into hives, chances are you probably have an allergic reaction to your very own sweat. This condition is known as cholinergic urticaria and emerges out of the blue. There are these tiny bumps that manifest on the skin and itch like hell and as soon as the individual cools down, they disappear just as fast.


Inexpensive jewelry normally consists of nickel, considered one of the most common skin allergies. If an individual realizes that their skin immediately around the earrings or ring turns darkish green, take this as a sign that the jewelry contains nickel; however, it is not an allergic response, this is simply the oxidizing reaction between the metal and the acid of the skin, which is normal. A genuine allergic reaction results in a very itchy rash that is red in color and will occur every instance of wearing jewelry that contains nickel.


Except you have a child that collects the insect, then you probably would not have to worry about them being exposed to grasshoppers, unless there is a pet in the house that consumes them. Bearded dragons and lizards often feast on grasshoppers as their chief source of food, these reptiles are also becoming very popular as house pets. The University of Veterinary Medicine, located in Vienna, discovered that an eight-year-old boy was suffering from nightly asthmatic attacks, and these were really due to an allergic reaction to his bearded dragon dinner of grasshoppers.


Have you ever jumped head or feet first into the shower, pool, or lake and immediately broke into hives? The reason for this is that you are allergic to water. This is an extremely rare condition known as aquagenic urticaria, which causes the skin to break out in hives, which might or might not itch, immediately as it encounters water. Researchers are still puzzled as to why this is so; however, they believe that a substance that has dissolved in the water-activated this immune system response in the body.

Pollinated Fruit

In the event that you find your lips and mouth tingle or itch each time you nibble on an apple or pear; your pollen allergy could be the reason for this and not the fruit itself. Individuals that suffer from tree pollen allergies would tend to have a similar response to fruits that grow on them. This specific food allergy tends to be restricted to the mouth, throat, and tongue without having more severe symptoms.