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Best Water Filters For Survival Situations

Water filters are like sieves with very, very tiny holes which are rated in micrometers. The holes trap contaminants so only clean water can pass through. Trying to choose any water filters can be tough and confusing. You need to consider type, what the filter can treat, how easy it is to use, flow rate, cartridge rate, durability, and portability.

1. MSR Guardian Purifier.

One of the few filters that can remove viruses whilst maintaining a fast flow rate. It can also withstand being frozen, work in shallow water sources and self clean. the MSR Guardian Purifier features a hollow fiber filter with a micron rating of 0.02. That’s small enough to filter out viruses as well as bacteria and protozoa. The cartridges can last for over 10,000 liters. Pros: Filters viruses, Long-lasting cartridge, Self-cleaning system – no need to backflush, Very durable, Fast flow rate, Withstands freezing conditions. Cons: A bit heavy and bulky, Pricey

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