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Best Outdoor Wifi Security Cameras


Keeping your home and family safe is the priority of every person. People spend a lot of time and money perfecting their interior security. But how do you monitor what is happening on the outside? Keep your property and home safe by monitoring outside activity with a connected camera and assure the safety of your house. There are a lot of elements that you need to consider before buying an outside camera. Unlike the cameras you install in your house, these outdoor cameras withstand the various weather conditions, etc. 

The security camera you choose should be able to tackle wind, dust, snow, and all other sorts of weather changes and still perform great. The quality of the camera should not be affected by these factors. Apart from these factors, three aspects that should be a must in an outdoor security camera are waterproof, shockproof, and, lastly, excellent night vision.

Features To Look For In An Outdoor Security Camera

Modern cameras boast many. features; however, finding something that fits your needs can be confusing, so it is important to know the features you desire. Since you desire to buy an outdoor security camera, here are the six features that you should aim to get.

High Definition and Wide Angle Video

Technology has been a complete delight. Nowadays, even the most basic hand phones come with an HD recording function, so why should you settle for less when picking a security camera. The footage and clips captured by HD cameras are crystal clear and extraordinary, allowing the user and law enforcement agencies to pick up even the most minute details. Also, consider buying a wide-angle camera—this way, a larger space is covered by a single camera eliminating the need to install multiple cameras.

Wireless Technology

Even if your camera gives you the best picture quality possible, it isn’t wireless. Why buy something that can be cut off by simply snipping a cable. You want to invest in cameras that can transmit the recorded footage without damaging or altering the picture quality. These wireless cameras and other security cameras usually come with a personalized remote and control system. You can also consider installing smaller variants of wireless cameras in your car to add an extra layer of security. 

Night Vision

Security cameras are not worth the money if they do not offer night vision features or low light recording capability. Contrary to what you see in movies, these night vision cameras do not produce a green monochrome film. Most cameras record videos that look black and white. The more advanced versions use infrared and heat-vision cameras for very dark areas in places where regular night vision cameras would not cut it. This option is not necessary for every house, but it is surely beneficial for commercial spaces.

Remote Access And Cloud Backup

Live feed is very crucial and a must feature in most good cameras. Via a live camera, you can keep an eye on your property even when away from your house. Remote access to the recorded footage is also a sought-after feature. This means that you will be able to access live footage from your phone; you can also activate and deactivate your cameras as per your wish. These high featured camera sets usually are accompanied by other smart home devices, which allows you to turn on/off your lights, dim your lights, and other such stuff with the help of an app. Security systems also enable you to store your footage on the cloud, create backups, and archive footage.


Outdoor security cameras with speakers may seem pointless, but they sure are an upgrade from speaking over an intercom. You can very easily talk to a visitor at the door via the camera system. Youn can also use this feature to calm and soothe pets if you are away or monitor the outside of your house if you hear some strange noise.

Motion Sensors And Automation

One of the most celebrated features of the new-age cameras is the motion sensors and motion-activated cameras. These cameras have been glorified; however, they are very common. The best part about these cameras is that they have a lot of storage space as they only activate when the motion sensors sense a movement. These cameras are so advanced that they follow the movements of the person and turn accordingly. The motion sensor can also trigger alarms and can alert you of intruders.

Top 7 outdoor security cameras you can buy in 2021

Arlo Pro 4 Spotlight Camera

The Arlo Pro 4 is a wireless outdoor security camera that you can install within minutes. The installation process is pretty simple and saves you a lot of time. The camera delivers a 2K video and offers the user a wealth of different features while also providing many integration features.


  • Wireless and offers little to no installation hassle.
  • The camera boasts great video quality with a 2K HDR video.
  • Equipped with the color night vision feature
  • You can pair it with smart home automation systems such as Alexa, Google, etc.
  • No hub required whatsoever
  • It has a built-in siren feature
  • Several third-party integration options are available


  • To access some features, users need to buy the Arlo smart subscription.

D-Link mydlink Full HD Outdoor Wi-Fi Camera DCS-8600LH

The best and notable feature of this camera is its weather-resistant quality. Apart from that, this security camera offers sharp HD video with motion and sound detection. It also offers local and free cloud storage. This camera also works nicely with third-party devices and services.


  • Provides sharp HD videos
  • Offers local and free cloud storage
  • Connects and works great with other devices and services
  • Easy to install


  • Lacks microSD card as an addition 
  • No AppleHomekit support

Deep Sentinel Starter 3-Cam Kit

This pick is one step ahead of all outdoor cameras. It offers motion detection features and uses live guards to interview and contact law enforcement agents in case of any suspicious activity.


  • Simple installation
  • Battery operated
  • Responsive monitoring 
  • Excellent video and audio quality
  • Built-in siren
  •  Extraordinary AI technology features


  • Lacks third-party connection such as Alexa and Google
  • The monitoring can be expensive.

Ezviz C3W ezGuard Wi-Fi Security Camera

The best feature of this outdoor camera is that it is very affordable and offers you a lot of features.


  • The price point is quite reasonable
  • Dual storage option
  • Easy to set up
  • Supports third party connection
  • Has the availability of light and siren features


  • The connection with other home devices isn’t direct.many

Ring Stick Up Cam Battery

This outdoor security camera is a wireless battery-powered indoor/outdoor security camera that records motion-triggered clips and saves them directly into the cloud.


  • Completely wireless
  • Easy installation
  • Built-in siren 
  • Hub not required
  • Motion detection and sensors
  • Had quality video
  • Works well with Alexa


  • The price point is pretty steep
  • Recorded videos require cloud subscription

Arlo Go

This camera, similar to many of the picks mentioned above, is also wireless. The camera uses a cellular connection to deliver live and recorded footage directly to your cell phone.


  • Wireless
  • As the cloud and local storage option
  • It pairs well with other smart devices
  • Sound and motion detection is available


  • The price point is quite high
  • Require a cellular data service plan

Nest Cam IQ Outdoor

It’s an intelligent security camera that acts as the first line of defense in your home security setup. 


  • The design of the camera is exquisite. 
  • Offers a  24/7 live video feature with a 4K sensor and close-up tracking.
  • It’s Weatherproof with an IP66 rating.
  • Motion detection
  • It has an excellent two-way audio feature


  • Pretty expensive.
  • The facial recognition feature of Nest cam requires an extra subscription.


Many factors have been taken into account while looking for the best security camera for your home. Go through the list and find out the security camera that works best for you and your property.