Beautiful Train Stations To Visit


An exhilarating train ride is on practically every traveler’s bucket list. Regardless if it is through rugged mountains or lush countryside, in standard class, or sitting in the seat of luxury. What every train trip must do, is begin and end somewhere. In this article, we will highlight modern marvels to classical masterpieces of the enchanting train stations. All broad this tour taking you all across the globe.

Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus, Mumbai, India

This station was previously referred to as Victoria Station. It is a Victorian Gothic Revival work of art and is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Plus, it is considered to be one of the most renowned buildings within Mumbai. The station was constructed over the course of ten years, starting in 1878.

It is a marvelous representation of how two unique civilizations, namely Indian and British, can have an impact on each other. Indian craftsmen worked for hand in hand with British architects in order to create intricate aspects of the Indian architectural traditions. Such as pointed arches and stunning stone domes typical of palaces in India.

Grand Central Terminal, New York City, United States

This station was officially opened in 1913 and from inception had always intended to greet visitors with splendor. The marble façade and lofty arches conceal practical design and pioneering engineering which united efficiency with elegance. Grand Central Station revitalized Manhattan’s Midtown. It was also viewed as a marvelous monument to the cultural, commercial, and financial capital of the nation. Presently, the station has become one of New York’s most famous landmarks.

Liège-Guillemins, Liège, Belgium

This is a vital nucleus for high-speed trains as they journey among Dortmund, Frankfurt, and Paris. This awe-inspiring Liège-Guillemins station, located in Belgium is an example of a modern masterpiece. It was designed by Santiago Calatrava, a Spanish architect, and construction was completed in 2009. Features include vaulted steel, glass, and white concrete canopy, which envelop five platforms and stretches more than 476 feet.

Dunedin Station, Dunedin, New Zealand

This station is quite often referred to as the gingerbread house. The station was stamped with this name because of the black basalt rock that is highlighted with white Oamaru limestone. Even though it is no longer an active station, it continues to be one of Dunedin’s major landmarks.

Plus, it is open to the public so that they can be in awe at the elaborate exterior and interior. There is a restaurant that occupies the majority of the ground floor. Also, every Saturday the adjoining parking lot is transformed into the Otago Farmers Market.

Antwerpen-Centraal, Antwerp, Belgium

The Antwerpen-Centraal is a diverse, flamboyant structure from the exterior and an engineering work of genius looking at the interior. The stone-clad end of the line building was completed in 1905. It makes an impression with the vast dome overhead the waiting hall. And also with the modern tracks, constructed above each other on four levels. It is thought to be one of the most spectacular stations in the world. It is an excellent portrayal of how modern engineering and historic architecture could co-exist in one accord.

Milano Centrale, Milan, Italy

This station was officially opened over eighty years ago and its magnificent façade is but one of its striking details. Milano Centrale was opened in 1931 and fashioned after Union Station located in Washington DC. Ornamented with a host of sculptures, the station is a combination of various architectural styles, most notably Art Nouveau and Art Deco.

Caminhos de Ferro de Moçambique, Maputo, Mozambique

Just looking at this station and it is instantly clear why it is always listed as one of the most beautiful. The marble pillars in combination with the pastel green Beaux-Art exterior. Plus the latticework fashioned from wrought iron adds to its flamboyant appearance. Besides being a train station, the building is also home to a museum and frequently hosts music events.

Madrid Atocha, Madrid, Spain

Not many train stations could brag about a turtle sanctuary and a tropical botanical garden. As a matter of fact, none but Atocha station in Madrid can do this. The original structure dates back to 1851 and the botanical garden inhabits the old train landing platform.

This landing area was active up until the expansion of the station. The garden hosts in excess of 7,000 plants from approximately 260 different species, all residing under the arched skylight. There is also a wide selection of nightclubs, cafes, and shops bordering the botanical garden.

Helsingin päärautatieasema, Helsinki, Finland

This station was opened in 1919 and is a remarkable example of Helsinki’s Art Nouveau construction styles. Helsingin is Finland’s most visited commercial building and it is defined by its magnificent central arch. Plus the pair of statutes holding up lamps at the entrance and the high clock tower. It is estimated that more than 400,000 individuals on a daily basis check the time on this when traversing the station.