Are You Prepared for Coronavirus? 10 Household Items to Stock Up On

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Coronavirus cases have soared into the thousands worldwide and continue expanding dramatically by the day. With the epidemic showing no signs of slowing, many people are wondering what they can do to protect themselves.

Fortunately, you have options, including preparing your own home for the impact of the coronavirus. These 10 essential household items can help prepare you for any possibility.

1. Hand Sanitizer

Hand hygiene will play a critical role in containing the epidemic and helping individuals prevent infection. Hand sanitizer is an essential for the coronavirus outbreak, though washing hands regularly is also effective. The CDC is encouraging Americans to pay special attention to hand hygiene as infections continue to rise.


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2. Over-the-Counter Medications

These household items are easily overlooked, but any routine or preventative over-the-counter medicines can help keep you healthy during an outbreak. Make sure you have a two-week supply of any daily medications and consider creating an emergency stash of cold and flu remedies. Individuals who take prescription medications should ensure they also have these in stock.

3. Bottled Water

Reliably clean bottled water is a godsend in any emergency.


4. Cleaning Supplies and Disinfectants

Household disinfectants can maintain the cleanliness of your home. This is doubly important if you are forced to self-quarantine. Stock up on any essential cleaning supplies, aerosols, and spray disinfectants ahead of time.

5. Toiletries

Maintaining your personal hygiene is crucial to staying healthy. Personal care essentials include toilet paper and other essentials. Consider keeping tissues handy, as well.


6. Food

Simple preparation is key when stocking up on food for an emergency. Another consideration is durability and shelf life. Items like peanut butter and canned goods are particularly valuable if you end up in the center of a coronavirus emergency. Having enough food to last for a quarantine will save you tremendous stress in the worst-case scenario.

7. Pet Supplies

Ensure you have enough food for your pets. You may need to make emergency plans in the event you need to keep them indoors. While we naturally worry about ourselves and our loved ones first, keep the needs of furry friends in mind to avoid last-minute panic.


8. First Aid Kit

Having the basics on hand to attend to any common minor emergencies is smart. You can buy a first aid kit or assemble your own with items like a thermometer, bandages, and other basic medical supplies.


9. Feminine Products

Help the women in your life avoid the stress of worrying about feminine hygiene. These products are wise to stock up on as they will be useful regardless of whether coronavirus directly affects your area.


10. Your Medical Records

In the event of an emergency or suspected infection, a printed copy of your medical records could prove helpful to first responders.

Preparation Now Can Protect You Tomorrow

Don’t fall victim to coronavirus. While it is unnecessary to panic, being prepared is only practical. Stock up on these household goods and remain calm to stay healthy. For more tips, visit TheOutdoorWear regularly!


Amazon Affiliate Disclosure Statement is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program. We may earn a commission if you make a purchase through one of our links.