Animal Most Likely To Kill You By State


A study of the deadliest animal by the state was completed by the Centers for Disease Control. The most common of the culprits are domesticated dogs, large mammals, and stinging insects, and some of the answers for some of the states may well surprise you. It is noteworthy that the amount of deaths due to animal attacks is relatively low and some of the states were so low that there was no information so that they can be added to the list. It might not be of grave concern for most people about the deadly animals in the United States; however, it cannot hurt to learn about the animal that could most likely kill you in the state you reside in, maybe you will find your state listed below.

Alabama And Arizona – Dogs

The Centers for Disease Control listed a dog attack as the most likely reason for animal-related deaths in Alabama. As is relates to Arizona, the venomous snakes are not the animal to look out for rather look out for dogs, according to the CDC. It might be difficult to believe that in these two states the bite from the family pet is the thing that might just kill you out of all the other dangerous animals.

Alaska And Maine – Moose

Not much data is available from Maine regarding the number of animal-related deaths. However, many dangerous animals roam this region, one of them being the moose with its enormous size and attitude to boot. A major misunderstanding about Alaska is that bears are the main killers due to the many bear attacks, however, due to the huge moose population in the state the risk of death by moose is far greater. They collide with vehicles quite often resulting mainly in minor injuries and property damage. However, in the last decade, there has been an increase in collisions resulting in major injuries and loss of life.

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