An Easy Guide to Making Toilet Paper at Home

DIY Toilet Paper

No need to panic if you can’t seem to find toilet paper at even the local store or supermarket. Look for alternatives to the toilet paper shortage – how about DIY toilet paper?

Here’s how you can make homemade DIY toilet paper.

How to Make Toilet Paper at Home


Things You’ll Need

⦁ 8 – 10 sheets of newspapers or a stack of magazine pages/copy papers
⦁ A standard bucket (5-gallon)
⦁ Water
⦁ A heating pot
⦁ Handfuls of grass and leaves
⦁ Spoon (preferably metal)
⦁ Baby oil
⦁ Rolling pin
⦁ Scissors
⦁ Rubber hammer
⦁ Wooden board
⦁ Heavyweight items – cast steel or iron balls
⦁ Bath towels (preferably two)



⦁ First, fill the bucket with water and soak the newspaper or copy paper in it. Wait for a few minutes until the ink is released from the paper. Please note that all the ink will not fade away and that’s all right. Once most of the ink is disappeared, take the paper out of the bucket.

⦁ Now, add the leaves and grass in the pot. Doing so will help the paper fibers stick together. Fill the pot with water until the entire paper is fully soaked in.

⦁ Heat the pot and let the ingredients simmer for an hour or so.

⦁ Bring it to a boil for at least 25 – 30 minutes to ensure the mixture turns into a thick pulp. Add more water if required and remove the foam with a metal spoon on sight.

⦁ Remove from the stove and drain maximum water. Let the pulp cool, making sure it doesn’t get dry.

⦁ Place the pulp on the stove again and mix in four tablespoons of baby oil. This will stop the paper from becoming hard.

⦁ Meanwhile, lay out the towel on a flat surface and spread the pulp mixture onto the towel.

⦁ Flatten out the pulp with a rolling pulp until it is thin and smooth.

⦁ In case of any small knobs, straighten out with the rubber hammer.

⦁ Now place another towel over the flat pulp and the wooden board on top.

⦁ Place heavyweight items on top of the board for about half an hour.

⦁ After half an hour, remove the weights and board and place the bottom towel on top. Make sure to flip it over first and put the dry side on top of the pulp.

⦁ Let it dry out in the sun, and once dried, cut it into strips and use it!

You see, how easy it is to make homemade toilet paper! It’s one of the simplest DIY household items that you can make and compensate for the toilet paper shortage.