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An Easy Guide to Making Toilet Paper at Home

Newsflash – of all the household essentials, toilet paper has become the latest panic buy amid the coronavirus fear. People have hoarded and stockpiled toilet paper packs, leading to their shortage in supermarkets.

In such times of crisis, you must stop, breathe, and think. No need to panic if you can’t seem to find toilet paper at even the local store or supermarket. Look for alternatives to the toilet paper shortage – how about DIY toilet paper?

Here’s how you can make homemade DIY toilet paper.

How to Make Toilet Paper at Home


Things You’ll Need

⦁ 8 – 10 sheets of newspapers or a stack of magazine pages/copy papers
⦁ A standard bucket (5-gallon)
⦁ Water
⦁ A heating pot
⦁ Handfuls of grass and leaves
⦁ Spoon (preferably metal)
⦁ Baby oil
⦁ Rolling pin
⦁ Scissors
⦁ Rubber hammer
⦁ Wooden board
⦁ Heavyweight items – cast steel or iron balls
⦁ Bath towels (preferably two)

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