Activities To Do Outdoors And Keep Your Distance

The ongoing global pandemic has made many people restless and frustrated especially due to the lockdown. Being homebound has led to feelings of boredom, monotony, laziness, and many people are finding it really difficult to stay indoors at all times. Everyone is duly following social distancing protocols in order to keep themselves and those around them safe and secure.
However, this doesn’t mean that you absolutely can’t go outdoors and have fun, quality time with your family.

There are so many outdoor activities that you can do to release all the stress, enjoy the weather, and keep your distance all at the same time.

Ride a Bike

If you own a bike and know how to ride one, go for an exciting bike ride in the streets and enjoy the open air! Riding a bike doesn’t require you to meet others or even be in close proximity to them. You can easily do that while maintaining social distancing; all you need to do is wear your mask, proper riding gear, and off you go!


The situation has surely started to ease a little in certain parts of the world, so it’s possible that you can go on a hiking trip with a few people, depending on where you live. Explore the outdoors as you go along the trails and just allow yourself to enjoy being among nature, which is also a great way to let go of all the stress and tension.

Go for a Walk

If you don’t feel like doing anything energetic, but still want to head outdoors and relax the mind, simply go for a walk somewhere near your home. Grab your headphones, your gadget that has all your music, and listen to your favorite songs as you walk down the streets. You can even grab a family member or a friend to go with you and follow social distancing at the same time.

Read a Book

Is there a sidewalk or a footpath near your place that happens to have a bench by any chance? If yes, take your favorite book, a cup of coffee, and read under the sun and near the trees! The morning is the best time to do that where you can hear the chirping of the birds, watch the sun throw its light everywhere and just enjoy some quiet, me-time.

Walk Your Dog

If you have a pet dog in your home who is feeling blue because of the ongoing situation, perhaps you can take your dog out for a walk. It would a nice change not just for your dog, but for you as well. Enjoy the weather, take some pictures, play with your pet for a while, and then come back home after a fun, relaxing time.

Going outdoors during lockdown is not an issue, but as long as you maintain your distance and follow all the rules like wearing a mask, gloves, and limiting physical contact with others.