9 Christmas Activities For Adults Amidst Covid-19


The Christmas season has continuously stood for a period when the reflection of the good things in life are highlighted, a celebration of family honored traditions and connect in a special way with family and friends. Notwithstanding the year that we all had in terms of the restriction on social interactions and travel, there is still no reason why this Christmas holiday cannot be packed with fun activities, even if you have to distance yourself socially. With seasonal recipes to try out, decorations to be installed and Christmas cards to be mailed in the post, there are amply Christmas-themed practices that can keep all of us amused. Many can be completed from home.

Head To A Christmas Tree Farm

There is no doubt that you can easily head down the street to the nearest mega-mart and just pick out a tree, or find one of those parking lot pop-ups, but where is the fun in that. The Christmas season is for creating lasting memories, not that memories cannot be created by doing that, however, a really fun activity could involve a road trip to a Christmas tree farm so that you can handpick your very own tree, that you believe best suits your home. There are some farms where the experience takes you even further as you might have to actually cut down your own tree and take it with you in your vehicle. Although this entire process is extended, the memories that this will create are priceless.

Make Spiked Hot Cider Or Hot Cocoa

This Christmas season, get warmed up with a fun festive cocktail that just boosts your Christmas spirit. Simply add a little peppermint schnapps to any of your favorite hot cocoa beverages recipe and then top it off with some whipped cream.

Show Off The Holiday Sweater – In A Virtual Meeting

You need to show off that ugly sweater from last Christmas at least once during the Christmas period. Regardless of if you broadcast to the entire world by prancing it about via a virtual party or webinar or some social gathering or even if you simply wear it about the house completing your daily chores to bring that smile to the face of a special family member, these Christmas sweaters just have their way of spreading Christmas cheer. Do not have an ugly Christmas sweater as yet, then add it to your wish list, as this might be your year.

Go Ice Skating

Ice skating is always a fun thing to do, especially if you cannot skate. In New York City, the Rockefeller Center is where you can find a rink, a rick is constructed in Union Square in San Francisco. Across the United States, there are numerous seasonal ice skating rinks created for everyone to enjoy as they celebrate through the holiday season. If there is no outdoor ice skating rink, rest assure that there is some kind of indoor rink in a town near you, and this is as much fun as any outdoor rink. You can plan a night out on the ice rink as one of your Christmas activities. Just ensure you know of any social distancing protocols that may be in place.

Tree Lighting Ceremony

There may be some tree lighting ceremonies near you as soon as December rolls around, so be on the lookout for them. Many times these ceremonies could include additional entertainment from professional singers, dance troops, or school bands. This could be a great date night especially if it is accompanied by a lovely dinner. If crowds scare you at this time, then search for any that might be streaming online or being televised and watch away while snacking on some lovely Christmas treats.

Hanging Christmas Lights

It is generally recognized that once Thanksgiving is over, the following two weekends are considered the best time to put up those Christmas lights before you get too busy. As most of the events this year have been done via drive-throughs, such as birthday parties and graduation parades, it is not too far-fetched to think that many persons won’t be driving around through their communities looking at the lights their neighbors installed. The hanging of the lights is a great way to display your creativity and continue to spread the Christmas cheer. You and your family can come together to decide on a design be it the old-fashioned design or a monochromatic theme.

Make And Send Christmas Cards

We should take advantage of the Christmas season although the pandemic has taken so much from us in terms of canceled travel plans and the ability to see family and friends. Sending personalized cards allowing everyone that you care about know that you miss them and that they are in your thoughts. You can browse the Minted collection of photo Christmas cards, which was developed by independent artists from all over the world.

Host A Paint And Sip

This has really grown in a really small time frame. Paint and sip is a group painting activity with a guide to take through a step by step to make a work of art. You can practice at home, by buying a few supplies like brushes, a canvas, and some paint. Tutorials are all over the internet so you can watch on your smart television and be guided to your very own masterpiece. There is no one to judge your art, so you can just relax with your significant other and paint and drink the night away. There are also themes that can be Christmas-based or you can choose something different together.

Host A Virtual Christmas Trivia Night

Meet up with a friend online, dress in your finest Christmas attire and have drinks on tap, then host a Christmas themed trivia game. You can find a plethora of themed questions to ask for a challenge. This can also be a guess the song games as well, as you play Christmas jingles and try to get your friends to guess the correct names.