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9 Things Not To Do If You Have The Flu


Everyone knows exactly what to do when it comes to the flu or you would believe that they do. The best thing to do is get plenty of rest, consume lots of fluids and maintain eating healthfully.

However, there are several habits that for this purpose we will consider bad habits, being indulged in which could allow the misery of the flu to be prolonged. Read on to learn what health providers are stating should not be done in order to ensure that individuals recover from the flu in a faster rate and avoid it becoming something much worse.

Do Not Fill Up On Medication Just So You Could Work

It is practically impossible to accurately predict the severity of the pending flu season, according to the entire medical fraternity. However, this much is almost always a guarantee: according to medical experts, the influenza virus is exceedingly infectious and has the inclination to spread rapidly. It is never a good idea to try to hide the influenza symptoms and struggle to attend school or go into the office, especially since you know that you are trying to combat an infectious virus, all that is being done when you do this is spreading the virus to more of the individuals within your community. Even though many employers might scowl on sick days being used, when it regards the flu, remaining at home is always the best option for everyone.

Avoid Rushing To The Emergency Room

We all know the seriousness of the flu, so much so that it could be life threatening especially for particular categories of people, like pregnant females, children that are under the age of five years old, persons with damaged immune systems, seniors that are sixty-five years and older, individuals in long term health care facilities and those individuals that are suffering from underlying medical conditions such as diabetes, heart disease and asthma as stated by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Once you are an individual that does not classify within one of the groupings aforementioned then this means that it is quite possible that you are able to fight off the flu successfully. The rooms of hospital emergencies become quite overcrowded during the cold and flu seasons, making it even more difficult for the persons that truly need the care to receive it quickly.

Do Not Snuggle

Persons that have the flu really need to take it easy; however, attempting to snuggle in the arms of a loved one is not encouraged, especially if you are one of those individuals that like to kiss. The influenza virus is incredibly infectious, so ensure that in the event that you contract the virus, stay indoors and isolate yourself from those that share the living space with you. It has been reported that even talking in close proximity with an individual is quite enough to transmit the virus as it has been discovered to live in the tiny droplets of moisture coming out the mouth or nose as individuals exhale, more so if they sneeze or cough.

Do Not Get Complacent Regarding Washing Your Hands

Sometimes, something as simple as turning a light on by flipping the switch could potentially infect other individuals. The majority of individuals may not realize the influenza virus could survive for as much as twenty-four hours on hard surfaces such as railings, tables and door handles. Therefore making sure that your hands are washed is vital. Ensure that they are scrubbed for at minimum twenty seconds.

Avoid Remaining Up Late In Order To Watch Television

Apparently when it comes to being miserable and sick, there is absolutely nothing more soothing than a good movie and a comfortable blanket. However, it is suggested that television watching should be completed during the day time so that individuals have the night to turn in as early as possible. A study conducted in 2019 discovered that a really good night’s rest could enhance the effectiveness of specific essential immune cells known as T cells. The immune system requires time to effectively mount a defense as documented by medical professionals. Rest and adequate sleep has the potential to strengthen the immune system. Individuals shout try to sleep as much as possible in order to provide their bodies with a fighting chance of recovering.

Do Not Attempt To Break A Fever With A Cold Shower

Many individuals have been told by their parents or grandparents about taking a cold shower or an ice bath in order to quickly break a fever and reduce the body temperature, However, cold water will actually cause the temperature to do the opposite and spike, according to a medical professor at Rutgers Robert Wood Johnson Medical School in New Brunswick, New Jersey. The better option is actually lukewarm water for assisting in breaking fevers.

It Is Never Too Late For Tamiflu

Even though taking of antibiotics will not resolve the flu, prescription antiviral medicines such as Tamiflu could, according to research. Antiviral medications work best once the individual takes them within a couple days of becoming ill; According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention there are some individuals that would still benefit if they take the antiviral medicine a bit later than the recommended two days.

Do Not Double Up On Medicines

The majority of individuals will unconsciously reach for a Tylenol which is also referred to as acetaminophen in order to sooth the aches in the body and reduce the fever. However, persons should be cautious if they are also taking over the counter medication in order to fight the coughing, sleeplessness or congestion as well. Most of the multi-symptom medicines ingredient is acetaminophen, causing persons to double dose on the medicine which could result in damage to the liver.

Do Not Stop Consuming Fluids

According to the medical professionals, staying hydrated with sugar free beverages, sport drinks, decaffeinated teas and water is one of the best ways to assist in the fight against dehydration associated with fever. A study completed in 2018 disclosed that water has the potential to thin mucus temporarily assisting in the feeling of being less congested.