9 Movies That Doomsday Preppers Should Watch

Most of the doomsday movies out there are a bunch of Hollywood make believe. The heroes make ridiculous decisions that would get them killed in a true SHTF (Sh!t Hit The Fan) survival scenario. Have you ever seen a doomsday movie where the characters had to crap in a bucket or wade through sewage? No, because that doesn’t make for good entertainment. With that said, there is some value to watching prepping movies. Aside from being entertaining, they are a good way to introduce the topic of disaster preparedness to your family.

1. 28 Days Later – 2003.

A bike messenger wakes up from a coma to discover that a virus called “Rage” has spread through London. He finds a group of survivors who band together for survival. This isn’t your typical zombie virus movie and it is really well directed. There are also some good survival tips in it, like collecting rainwater.

2. The Road – 2009.

This might be the best movie for introducing the idea of Bugging Out to your family. After the apocalypse, a father and his son travel to the sea to find safety. There are important survival lessons here about how people can become savage in disasters, wilderness survival, and how to carry your gear.

3. The Mist – 2008.

This supernatural horror movie written by Stephen King shows what happens when a mist takes over a town and residents have to be holed up in order to survive. There is a really controversial ending which teaching you the importance of mental preparedness and keeping hope.

4. The Postman – 1997.

In the movie, an apocalyptic event has sent the world back into the Dark Ages. Some survivors band together to form communities and others form militias. You’ll learn how stupid it is to travel when SHTF and bartering beats money.

5. Right At Your Door – 2007.

In this movie, a dirty bomb goes off in Los Angeles. A man has to seal up his home – even though his wife isn’t home. When she comes back, they are forced to communicate through the barricade of tape and plastic shopping bags. There are some obvious criticisms with the survival advice given in the film, which will make for a good discussion about what you should really do, but the mental preparedness message is good.

6. War Of The Worlds – 2005.

When aliens invade the world to harvest human bodies, they use an EMP attack to destroy all electronics. Tom Cruise takes his family to bug out. Since he doesn’t have a plan, he has to figure things out on the way. The lesson? Have your Bug Out Bag packed and plan for disasters!

7. The Colony – 2016.

This sci-fi horror movie is about a group of people who have to live in underground bunkers to survive the ice age induced by climate change. The movie features cannibalism and some other survival extremes, which makes it a good movie for asking “how far would you go to survive?”

8. Contagion – 2011.

The movie shows how a virus can quickly turn into a mass pandemic and the importance of being able to hunker down and isolate yourself from the contagion. Of course the plot focuses on finding a vaccination for it, but it’s still a pretty good movie to watch to start a discussion about pandemic prepping.

9. The Day After Tomorrow – 2004.

Despite how unbelievable the scenario is, it is actually a really good movie. Particularly that they included a homeless man in the movie and he is the most prepared for survival with all of the skills he learned on the street.

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