9 Crucial Tips for Traveling With Pets

There are many details to consider when planning your trip. Whether for leisure or business, you do not have to leave your pet behind. Here are some tips to guide you through each step, from planning and packing to boarding and feeding before traveling with pets.

With proper planning, traveling with animals can be an excellent experience for everyone involved. Before you start, here are some essential things you should do:

Family road trip with doggo!

1. Practice With Your Pet

Traveling with pets

If your pet has never traveled long distances, consider getting it ready by driving it a short distance and gradually increasing the time.


2. Take a Walk Before Boarding

Let your pet walk and run before getting on a bus, plane, train, or boat. This allows pets to release excess energy, and you both can travel in peace.

3. Get the Right Crate

Pet Carrier

If you purchase a pet box, make sure the International Air Transport Association approves it. The cages and baskets must be large enough for the animals to sit, stand, and turn around in comfortably.


4. Prepare Your Pet’s Crate for Comfort

The bedding should be lined with absorbent materials such as paper or finely cut fabric. Before leaving, freeze the water in a small bowl so it will gradually melt along the way. Close the box securely, but do not lock it. This will allow you to open the crate for emergencies. Also, be sure to attach the animal’s ID to the carrier.


5. Have the Correct Paperwork

The CDC recommends that pet owners notify the veterinarian as soon as possible if they wish to travel. As you may require some documents for vaccination, please complete all forms and schedule an early veterinarian visit before traveling with pets.


6. Find Out Your Destination’s Pet Rules

If you are traveling abroad or interstate, check the country, city, or state of destination. Rules and laws may differ from your country of origin or state.

7. Maintain Your Pet’s Diet

From my personal experience, pets tend to feel sick from different foods. Keeping your pet on an everyday diet for a while after arriving to help prevent stomach upset. (Definitely don’t want a pet tossing up on a car ride lol.)


8. Choose Pet-Friendly Accommodation

Many hotels accept pets, but others do not. Be sure to check before booking. Some hotels offer specific rooms for pet owners.

9. Pack Products That Keep Your Pet Calm

You can also consider products that reduce anxiety. Consider a soothing pet vest, which can apply light pressure to specific areas to reduce stress. If your pet has a favorite blanket or even shirts that smell like you, put them in the carrier to keep them comfortable.



Traveling with animals will make your travel experience more dynamic. By planning and organizing in advance, you and your pet can stay calm. With a little extra effort, you can reduce the stress involved.

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